Fashion Is To Be Enjoyed

Sonia from Sonia Styling is simply put an Uber bubble of awesomeness and this beautiful woman is turning 30 today so I am thrilled she is today’s guest poster.

Over to you gorgeous girl  and Happy Birthday from all of us…

ss collage

It’s amazing how we think that time changes nothing, yet seemingly it changes everything.

Today I turn 30.

I think back to my last milestone birthday and can’t help but smile at how far I’ve come in 10 years.

Now, you might think I’m being all deep and philosophical right now, but what I’m really talking about is something much more intense…


Do you remember what you were wearing when you were 20? I certainly do. Short skirts, boob tube tops, plunging necklines, tight pants, the works!

Nowadays? Things – and my wardrobe – have changed dramatically.

I may look nothing like my 20 year old self anymore, but you know what? That’s totally fine by me.

For a start, I’m much more comfortable in my own skin. The scales may show a much higher number than a decade ago, but I couldn’t care less. I’m settled, I’m happy, I’m in love and I’m more “me” than I’ve ever been.

I’m also more open-minded when it comes to fashion. When I was younger, I used to poo-poo certain colours or styles, writing them off without so much as even trying them on. Now, I’m willing to give things a go. To take risks. To have fun with fashion and not take it (or myself) so seriously.

Because if there’s one thing I’m realising the older I get, it’s that life is too short to put limitations on ourselves.

Life is to be lived. Fashion is to be enjoyed.

Get out there and go shopping! Treat yourself to those shoes. Try on that dress you’ve been lusting after. Buy them. And don’t give yourself a hard time about it – because right now, you’re the youngest and hottest you’ll ever be, so own it!

So here’s to the milestone birthdays and the stronger sense of self those extra years bring us – and our wardrobes.

Cheers! Sonia x

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How To Use A Mood Board For Pretty Much Anything

I am so thrilled to announce a series of guest posts from some Uber special friends of mine – woman who inspire me and others every single day.

Today’s guest post is from my beautiful friend Tessa – the beauty and the brains behind Down That Little Lane - an ever evolving online market place that brings together all the delightful things in life, the products that make you smile every time you walk past/ look at them are often difficult to source.

Everyone, please meet my friend Tessa.

Head_shot sepia

I am such a visually driven person and I get real pleasure from creating a cosy home or a lovely little vignette for a certain spot in the house.

I use them for the kids parties and even creating outfits if I have something super spesh to go to.

As they are quite a joy to do, I thought I would show you guys how you can do them too.

First up I will do a kids bedroom as I have been playing with the idea of moving my son out of his current shared bedroom and this may just give me the boost.

I already have the bed and wall mural so all I needed was some inspiration images from my Pinterest boards  and then I just add the pictures of things I have spied that I want to buy to see how it will all pan out and if I can make it work.

It is amazing how you add certain things and suddenly go “holy moly no way should I buy that it just doesn’t match!”

Second is a party plan one. I am planning a little get together for DTLL’s B Day in November and this one would work for pretty much any adult party.. even NYE?


I could have added and added to this board but using the mood board had me realise I had too many serving bowls so was forced to choose my favourites and that I had chosen three different wall decor items!.

I use picmonkey in collage to do these simple ones but if you know how to use Photoshop then you can really go to town.

All the inspiration images are taken from my pin boards with all the product items on this specific one.. pinning them is fab as then you can go back and delete any you don’t need and easily find the things you wanted to purchase after.

Do you do Mood Boards for anything? Kids projects? Your wedding?
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Project Inspire

Global Sisters

image credit

This week I got to spend some creative time with Yasmin, the gorgeous young woman I am lucky enough to mentor as part of my relationship as a Global Sister.

I became a Global Sister last year after being part of a pilot program – Fashion
Enterprise at Miller (FEM) which was supported by the Sydney Community Foundation and
my business group – Little Black Dress Group.

I have blogged about being a mentor to 17 year old aspiring jewellery designer
Yasmin before, because being a part of her life and seeing the change that one
person can make to another’s life is something I think should be shared.

The whole aim of Global Sisters is to create independence for refugee/ migrant
female entrepreneurs. This independence includes business loans, mentoring,
financial and business support, marketing, and access to an online sales platform.

My week started this week with an email from Mandy Richards from Global
Sisters informing me that Global Sisters has been chosen as one of 10 world
wide finalists in 2014 FINALIST Project Inspire, supported by UN Women & Mastercard.

This is a huge achievement for Global Sisters and the race is on to get product
produced to take to the pitch in Singapore in a few weeks time.

That meant bead shopping for Yassie and I. No complaints here!

Global Sisters Yasmin

We work shopped some new logo ideas for Yasmin whilst we were shopping the beads and
we also work shopped colour trends for the coming summer.

Yassie has a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks. She has to juggle her year
12 exams along with the creation of a new range to be sold via the Global Sisters
online sales platform.

These are both huge tasks to achieve, but just look at this smile will you… I know you can do it Yassie!


image credit

Voting is now open for Project Inspire and the group of women who all
collaborate to make Global Sisters a reality all deserve your vote!

So please, jump on and vote here and share with your friends. We are the only Australian group in the running for this award! xx

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Chair Obsession

Chair Obsession

Take a seat and I shall share with you my tale of chairs.

For some bizarre reason I am completely obsessed with chairs. I love their form, their functionality and I especially love how a ‘feature’ chair can add such personality to a room.

I have over 40 chairs in my home. No I really do! Not many of them were expensive but many of them are very special to me. Quite a few of my chairs were found ‘road side shopping’ and brought back to life with new upholstery, a re-sand and polishing of the wood.

I love my pair of Parker Carver chairs which I found separately over a two year period and waited until we moved into our home to reupholster them. The set of three Arthur Stuchbury Office Chairs I bought from op shops and they were reupholstered by Cloth Fabric with hand screen printed fabrics. The wood work was lovingly brought back to life in the traditional way… with good old fashioned elbow grease!

Chairs 1

Most of the special chairs in my home have a story attached to them  – like the leaf print chair in my bedroom where my husband sits and has his coffee every morning before the craziness of the day takes over. That chair is my favourite.

You see, that chair was never meant to make it inside. I found it on the side of the road, covered in mustard yellow cushions and smelling like a combination of cat and possum piss (probably dog piss too now that I think about it). I screeched to a halt in my car when I saw it and dragged it into the back next to my toddler who held his nose and said “stinky mum”.

When I showed the chair to hubby Adam he said “that chair is never coming in my house”.

So it went into storage for two years. Yes, I have it that bad that I actually have a storage room that holds my yet to be re-birthed roadside chairs.

Chairs 2

Then I stumbled across a Warwick leaf print pattern and I remembered the chair. I secretly went to storage and took it to Nadia at Lane Cove Upholstery.

When I picked it up I almost cried with happiness because it looked so incredibly beautiful.

The woodwork is gorgeous and the chair which is possibly a Danish Parker will last another 100 years.

And so my hubby who said it would never ever be welcomed into our home, had to eat his words and admit that it is beautiful and totally deserves to be seen.

Do you love chairs too? What is your fave chair, does it have a story?

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The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Outlet Shopping

Outlet Shopping

I am a woman.

I love to shop.

Don’t expect me to apologise for it either because the truth is I am inspired by pretty and sometimes completely impractical things.

Whilst I do love to shop, I also LOVE finding a bargain. Something that is special, beautifully made but doesn’t have the price tag to match.

Outlet shopping is something my mother introduced my sister and I to when we were very young. There was a Country Road outlet near where we lived and whenever mum felt the urge to buy something special (but not pay full retail price) my sister and I would happily accompany her to the store hoping that we would perhaps end up with something too! (hence my orange.. YES orange slogan Country Road jumper that I wore almost every day of my freezing cold three years at UNI in Bathurst)

A couple of times a year my sister and I put our saved up dollars into our wallets and head into the deep dark cavern that is ‘outlet shopping’. Over the years we have frequented Birkenhead Point in Sydney among others, but recently a new player has come to our attention – DFO at Homebush.

Now ‘outlet shopping’ brings to mind piles of clothes and women fighting and grabbing and pulling right? But when we arrived at the recently updated DFO, that was totally not what we found.


It was civilised.

We entered the top level where Sass & Bide, Burburry, and Oroton are at 10.30am. There we stroked leather bags that in my dreams I own and tried on almost everything in Sass & Bide (shout out to the gorgeous shop assistants in there who are beyond lovely) and slowly we analysed, discussed, proed and conned a tonne of items before we made our first purchase.

Ahh and no it wasn’t the Armani red velvet dress that was far too similar to a wetsuit for my liking,


In a dream like euphoric state we took an escalator downstairs and ate Japanese whilst visiting OZ designs where we fell in love with this painting.IMG_5684

Since we weren’t there to look for home wares she was sadly left behind.

Back upstairs store after store presented us with dilemmas – “do we need you?” “can I live without you in my wardrobe?” Often something we loved hit the no pile after a serious and intense discussion about “where would you wear it?” “how often would you wear it?” and “will you think about it in years to come and wish you had bought it?”

I decided that I simply couldn’t live without a $60 dollar pair of gold leopard print #converse, a grey sleeveless coast from Portmans $99, a pair of Sass and Bide sandals $150, a leather t-shirt from Forever New for $72 , or my gorgeous new silk lingerie from Oroton (they are silk) – and all for $107. I know can you believe it!!!

My sister and I suddenly realised it it was getting close to 6pm and that we had been sucked into the shopping vortex for hours, and although we still had shops to visit we decided we had better flee the scene of our shopping crimes.

We laughed giddily in the car on the way home and whilst we had to admit to our hubbies that yes we had indeed lost a whole day inside DFO – it was worth is as we were coming away winners.

There is nothing like that retail high is there.

Top Tips

1. Take cash and set a budget at the beginning and stick to it.

2. Write a list of what you are looking for (not what you need… I know boring)

3. If you love something buy it because things move quickly here.

4. If something is questionable- don’t buy it

5. If something is silk and is $14.95 but they don’t have it in your size, buy it in a bigger size and have it taken in!

6. Always buy if your heart is beating out of your chest with love for something.

7. Always take a friend to help you navigate the highs and lows and to stop you from nearly buying bus drivers shoes (Emma!)

8. Don’t ever think you will be there for two hours because most likely you will be there for seven or eight

9. Share the spoils. Buy your husband a pair of his favourite shoes for 1/2 price and even though you said you would be home at 3pm and got home at 6.30 – all will be forgiven!!

Have you been outlet shopping lately?

Any good secret spots in Sydney I should know about?

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The Uberkate Makeover

Uberkate Makeover

We have many ways of expressing our selves and I think our hair is one of them.

How we look and how we feel about ourselves is played out nearly everyday by what we choose to wear, how much time we can or can’t spend on what to wear and our hair and makeup.

Growing up in my household, Mum reinforced time and time again the need for a bright lipstick. She would apply it in the car, before we got out to go to netball training, before doing the shopping, doctors appointments you name it. The bright lippy (hot pink) has been like a beacon of protection through most experiences in my younger years. According to mum “bright lippy lifts your face and tells people you care about how you look even if you are feeling crap.” (my interpretation of her words).

My protective blanket has always been my hair.

Long Hair

As a small child I was tall, awkward and had quite a distinctive scar on my cheek from an accident I had as a child (i later had it corrected in my teens).

This scar defined how I felt about myself, whether people could see it or not, I always felt it was there. I never felt truly pretty until late into my twenties when I met the love of my life.

Growing up I had beautiful hair – long flowing tresses that I could wear close to my head and almost hide my scar. I hid behind my hair and like my mum with her lippy if I was feeling insecure or needed a lift a quick release of hair from it’s pony tail had me sailing through the day / event and feeling good about myself. (nothing like a good old hair flick huh?).

For the past couple of months I have wanted to cut off that hair to see how I would feel without it. I felt like I had been holding onto for too long and it was time to be free of it and be another version of me.

So I started researching hair.

I wanted something cool, something modern and something edgy. I didn’t want to hide behind boring long hair any longer.

Style Inspiration

I found the cut I wanted and decided it was time to turbo the blonde too.

My hairdresser was cautious when I booked the apt. The 3 other women having their hair done at the same time said ‘DON’T DO IT” “I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HAVE YOUR HAIR”.

“Hair shmair I said… cut it off!”


So off it came and as it fell to the floor the sense of freedom and lightness is hard to describe.

I am half way through my transformation. I have had a shoulder length choppy bob now, but the next cut will be the one I am after – shorter, more angled and more blonde.


We are all connected to elements about ourselves that we think define us, that we think make us who we are. I have just learnt that my long hair is not one of these elements for me. I thought it gave me confidence and defined me – Kate with the long hair.

Now I can be Kate with the sparkling eyes, cheeky wit, or creative hands.

I can be any Kate I want to be.

Do you have one thing that you think defines you that you would like to let go??


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How to Convert a Winter Coat Into a Vest

How to Convert A Winter Coat

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house of artistic creative types. Mum taught me to sew at a young age, and my grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 10.

If you have these gifts, please pass them onto your children as they come in handy throughout life… and not just for sewing on buttons!

I often think of ways I can alter my clothing to fall back in love with a piece, or ways of altering things in my wardrobe that aren’t quite right.

I recently got it into my head that I wanted a winter weight coat but in a vest style so that I could freely move my arms and not feel too bulky.

I had an old wool jacket that I have always loved the body of, but for some weird reason when they designed it they made the arms 3/4 sleeves. To all the designers out there, I’m not sure what 3/4 sleeves should be doing on a long line winter weight coat. Those said arms have always driven me nuts!

So I decided to cut them off!

Unpick the sleeves

Here’s 5 Quick steps if you are thinking about giving one of your winter coast a makeover.

1. Choose your coat you are going to upcycle. If you don’t already have one, op shops are a great place to score one.

2. Carefully unpick the arms.

3. And then unpick the lining.

4. Hand stitch the lining to the jacket – taking care to tuck the seams back under for a lovely finish.

5. I also cut the bottom of my jacket to make it the right length for me. To do this I machine stitched the hem with my sewing machine #beinglazy

Then lo and behold – the finished product. A slim line winter weight wool “Vest”

Before and After

Now what shall I make with the left over arms??

Rock it Baby!

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The Pinata Cake That Was a Smash… Literally!


In my little family of four, our birthday Cakes are a BIG deal.

The kids like to pour over the cake books and search the internet endlessly to find the most difficult, elaborate, and out there cake they could possibly ask me to make.

This year my 6 year old boy Cam decided it had to be a Pinata Cake. A hard shell of chocolate on the outside that he could crack open with a hammer, and on the on the inside – chocolate cake, with thick chocolate icing.

He also decided that he would like the inside of the cake to have gold coins in it. Oh and just to complicate things further, this was not to be any girly sort of pinata. Nope the design had to look like a soccer ball.

Over the weeks that this elaborate cake was starting to form in my 6 year old’s minds eye, the wish list and criteria for the cake grew and grew along with my stress levels and doubts about whether I could pull this off.

You see I am not a baker.

In the past I have somehow managed to make an elaborate Pirate ship cake, the Humpty dumpty cake, the number cakes and a whole load of other cakes from the Women’s Weekly Birthday cake book.

But never a pinata cake.

So I started doing some research and found a great tutorial on how to make the shell (or you can just look up pinata cake on YouTube)

I bought all the required ingredients and decided that I would make the shell on the Friday night … just in case it didn’t work out. The party wasn’t until Sunday so if all failed I would still have a chance to try again on Saturday.

Soccer ball Pinata Cake

Step 1 involved painting three layers of white chocolate on the inside of a metal bowl and freezing the bowl in between each layer.

Absolutely the best tip I can pass on to you at this point is to rub olive oil or vegetable oil on the inside of the silver bowl before adding your first layer. This will mean that when it’s all solid and ready to be lifted out , it won’t stick to the inside of the bowl.

Step 2 bake and ice the cakes to go on the inside.

Step 3 top the cake with coins or lollies.

Step 4 place the chocolate shell over the cake and decorate.

Tada! You are done.

When the time finally came time to light the candles and sing happy birthday, the look on my son’s face said it all. I had just created a wonderful childhood memory.

As he started smashing the cake with a hammer, all the other 7 year old boys started to get very excited. All of a sudden the cake split open and a dozen filthy grimy hands flew in and started grabbing hand fulls of coins and chocolate cake.


Happy 7th birthday little man child.

PS for all the adults I served the cake to, just an FYI – I cut the mangled, fisted top layer off before serving you a piece.  You’re welcome ;)

Pinata Cake

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BE A FASHION DESIGNER ABROAD – How To Design Your Own Clothes and Get Them Made Overseas

Design Your Own ClothesHow To Have Your Own Clothes Made Overseas 1

I have been lucky enough to travel annually to Asia for over 15 years now. On my very first trip all those years ago, I was a frustrated fashion designer and I took fabric with me and had some hideous dresses made up.

I had chosen the wrong fabric – it was too stiff and the dresses didn’t turn out how I had hoped. They did however ONLY cost $10AUD each to be made.

At that price, I was not giving up!

The next time I went Overseas I put a lot more thought into what I wanted made and now when I go on my yearly trip to Thailand,  I always have a few pieces made up.

I want to share with you how to build your perfect wardrobe and how to design and have made some key pieces that will last you throughout your life.

There is nothing more satisfying than when someone asks you where you got your leather jacket from and you get to say to them “I designed it and had it made myself”.


How To Have Your Own Clothes Made in Thailand 1

1. The first thing to do is to work out your most beloved pieces in your wardrobe and think about how you can replicate them in a different type of fabric.

2. Think about the season that is coming up. For example we often travel to Asia in winter so having leather jackets made at that time is ideal as you can wear them as soon as you get home.

3. Visit some fabric/ leather stores before you leave and start to get a feel for what you love and need…. or simply want.

4. When purchasing fabric or leather ask the store assistant for help and get them to tell you how much you will need for a pair of pants or a dress or whatever it is you are having made.

Fabric Shopping

5 Pack your suitcase around the fact that you will be taking fabric with you on the way there and bringing clothes home with you on the way back… i.e leave plenty of room.

6. Don’t forget to take your lining! I always like to use a special signature lining which makes me love my design even more. For my recent trip I hand painted some silk lining especially to line one of my leather jackets with.

7. Think about the details. I wanted sequin pockets on a pair of pants, so I took with me a small amount of sequins that would be just enough for pockets only.

8. When packing, roll all your fabrics up so they take up less room in your suitcase.

OK now it is time to GET EXCITED!


How To Have Your Own Clothes Made in Thailand 2

1. First things first – have a cocktail. No I am not kidding. Whilst you are out having those cocktails, keep an eye out for tailor shops near where you are staying. They are located pretty much everywhere.

2. Make sure you start to organise your designs by the second day you are there. Don’t leave it too late as it will take three or four days for a fabric outfit to be made and up to a week for leather to be made and perfected.

3. Most of the hotels in Thailand also have a tailoring service so if you don’t feel comfortable heading out to a tailor – order another cocktail and call reception to book a tailor to come and do a private fitting in the privacy of your room.

4. Haggle. Haggle Haggle… and have fun with it. Make sure you agree to a set price and get it in writing before you leave your fabric with the tailor. I tend to use on the street tailors as they are usually cheaper than the ones attached to the hotels.

5. If you have an item to be copied, provide the tailor with the item to be copied, the fabric, and a sheet of paper explaining which fabric is to be used for the outside and a small swatch stapled with any important details (eg lining)

How To Have Your Own Clothes Made in Thailand 46. Book a fitting for a few days time after your initial meeting the tailor. It gives you enough time to make any changes and if you are not happy with how things are going then you still have time to have things taken in / changed / double stitching added etc.

7. The hard part is over. Now go get a massage, shop for some special accessories to go with your new pants/ jacket/ top that is being made and delight in the fact that you too can design pieces that will last you for years to come!

How To Have Your Own Clothes Made in Thailand 3

Have you ever had clothing custom made while travelling?

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The Hunt Is On For Our Uber Ambassadors

UKAYou, my little community inspire me daily to create, design, build, make, and launch pieces of jewellery with heart.

It was for this reason that when searching for a sales representative for the Uberkate brand that you all came into my mind.

How could I find people as passionate, as connected, and as engaging as our Uber Community to help spread the Uberlove out into towns and areas of Australia that haven’t yet been exposed to our creations?

Then it dawned on me. We have never done things traditionally here. We often try things that no one else has done yet. We are innovative and I honestly believe the old saying the journey is as important as the destination.

So the idea bubbled away for a few weeks and the details started to become clear. Why not ask you all and see what comes back?We Want You

Well to say I have been surprised by the results is a HUGE understatement.

We have had more than 60 applications of interest for our Uber Ambassador roles and lucky for me they are spread right around this wonderful country of ours. It’s EXACTLY what I hoped for.

There have even been loads of applications from Tassie – hi Tassie! I didn’t know how much you loved us!

So the search is on you guys – lets “go forth and be Uber!”

If you would like more information on the Uber Ambassadors role – please email us at

Applications close Friday 30/05/14

xx Kate



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Winners Of The Infinite Mum Giveaway


Congratulations to our wonderful winners and their nominees. We were so incredibly touched by all the nominations and wished we could make everyone winners – as there is an infinite number of Infinite Mums out there.

These were our three lucky winners and their nominations.

Jo O’Brien

“I would like to nominate an inspirational Mum, Sophie Smith. Sophie is one of our mums at our Pre School and at our Primary School. What she has experienced and how she has dealt with it gives such strength to me as a mother myself. Sophie is the founder of Running for Premature Babies. Sophie and Husband Ash, lost triplets after a very premature birth. Since then her passion for helping others in this situation has seen her start up a trust fund in their name and is dedicated to raising money for the Royal’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Since 2007, more than $1million has been raised. Sophie since then has two little boys, Owen and Harvey, and what gorgeous boys they are. I guess the inspirational quality she gives to her community is strength and courage. Strength within herself to show us all no matter what life gives you there is deep down an ability to rise above and make good out of a negative, and courage to give new life and not be afraid of life’s challenges. Just recently Sophie has been dealt with a hard blow. Her Husband Ash had a brain tumour a while back, he recovered well, however a few weeks ago the brain tumour has returned and he has now had 2 operations in the past couple of weeks. As a mum myself I am in awe of how she is supporting her husband and at the same time maintain a loving and warm continuous routine for her children. The good that Sophie has done in her fundraising efforts to help others has seen our wonderful community get right behind her and develop a wondrous support network for her and her family. I asked Sophie for her permission to enter her in this competition and she was chuffed to be thought of and she mentioned how much she loves uberkate jewellery and how she would love all her children’s names on a necklace. ”


“I would love to nominate my mum, Lynne. 34 years ago, my parents lost their youngest child to what could only be described as a tragic accident. One minute they had a 3 year old boy, full of joy and wonder, and the next he was gone, leaving behind his broken parents and two confused, distressed older brothers. The following week the doctor made a house visit to my parents to see how they were coping, and he gently brought up the idea of considering having another baby, to help heal the family. My father warmed to the idea, but my mum….it was too much. She was almost 40. She was in the depths of grief. She had already done the nappies, the sleepless nights, the pregnancies..and most of all, it would be another baby, and not Paul. Over the next few months, whilst trying to keep the family together and not fall apart herself at the same time, the question of having another baby floated around in her head. She decided to ask her two boys whether they would like a baby, to which they said yes. So even though she was scared, even though she was in the absolute depths of despair, and whilst she watched her world crumble around her, she made the decision to have the baby that would help heal the family. In her love for her boys, her love for her husband, and in her desperation to do everything she could do to somehow salvage the happiness they had seen ripped away, she gave me life. On the first anniversary of Paul’s death, she was in hospital holding me, her tiny newborn daughter.
My mum is in her 70′s now, and I am in my 30′s. She is living a life of grandparent joy….but she also knows that the time is coming when she finally, finally gets to see her little boy again. I cannot comprehend the incredible sacrifice she made for her family, but without it, my life would cease to exist.
I love her.”


“I would like to nominate my amazing friend. Last year her 1st child was born prematurely and sadly passed. She threw herself into fundraising for the hospital so families in a similar position could get the help they need. They raised a ridiculous amount of money in memory of their precious child.
Amazingly, she was then blessed to fall pregnant with twins. They too were born early. After over 10 weeks of fighting, it was too much for one of them, so she has had to farewell another of her beautiful babies. While grieving, she has to remain strong and still spend everyday in the hospital while her remaining child is still fighting everyday.
She is beyond inspirational to those of us that know and love her.
I can’t imagine a more beautiful gift for this mother of 3 than a necklace with all of her babies names on it that she can wear next to her heart everyday.”

Mother's Day competition

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who nominated.

xx Kate

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My Favourite Celebration

Mother's Day

Mother’s day is my absolute favourite day of the year. I don’t turn another year older, but I do get to celebrate the two best things I have ever done,… giving birth to my two children.

Mother’s Day is a big deal in our home and we plan it meticulously.

Part of the day is spent with my mum and the rest is spent living in the moment with my own children. Often there is a restaurant lunch or brekkie and there is always a lot of gratitude around the fact that I am lucky enough to be living the life I am with my kids (and hubby!)

It’s a day that makes me reflect on the past year of being a mum and on my relationship with my own mother.

I never knew the depth of a mothers love until I had my own little people. What I have learned is that it is a completely selfless kind of love that would see you step in front of a bus to save your own children. Its the incredible feeling that no one loves you or knows you quite as much as your own mum does. Mum’s know the best things about you and the worst, and yet they love you just the same.

I think about my own journey as a I parent my own children and I hope with all my heart that I am doing a good job.

I also spend the day reflecting about where my kids are at and how I can help them to continue to grow into wonderful people.

Mother & Child

In the Uberkate studio I have the honour of making many mothers day gifts and every year when I wake up on the day I am filled with joyful thoughts about all the Mums who have opened up Uberkate Jewellery boxes and received emotion filled jewellery designed and reflecting their lives as gifts from their children.

That thought keeps me smiling all day.

I hope you all find something truly special and precious to reflect upon this Mothers Day.

xx Kate

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My Design Indulgences

POP UP Newsletter

As a designer I get the chance to let my mind run free, I take inspiration from the strangest of sources, like patterns in sand or the simple but complicated structure of a cicada wing.


Designing is my addiction and my mind is always suggesting ‘the next beautiful thing’ I can create.

I normally make these pieces throughout the year and many of them end up as birthday gifts for friends, but this year I wanted you to have the chance to see and purchase them.

They are my ‘hearts desire pieces’ Earrings based on the inspiration of the shape in a peacock feather, Uber ID cuffs I designed and made for my hubby and I. Gold smashed discs based on shells and flattened Gold Star shells.

And of course the set of hearts you all loved so much are also in here, because … well you asked for them.

Blog Pop

As for my foray into hand cut stones, I will save that story for another blog post! These rings are very very special to me.

Welcome to my inner designs, my secret indulgences.

Kate xx

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The Uberkate Infinite Mum Mother’s Day Competition


image source




You do not need to give birth to a child to be a mother, for it is the simple act of loving unconditionally and being there for someone that entitles you to wear that crown.

Here at Uberkate we are all about celebrating our mothers, mum’s who inspire us and the precious mother figures in our life. Those special woman who play such an important role in moulding who we become deserve to know just how much we love them.

We would like you to nominate a special mum in our Infinite Mum giveaway for a chance to win her a large personalised Infinity Pendant for Mother’s Day and a Baby Infinity bracelet for yourself.

The infinite mum could be your mum, a grand mum, a carer, another mum you admire or simply that special mother figure.

Mother's Day competition
Tell us who you are nominating and why and please feel free to share a photo of this special lady on our Uberkate Facebook page so we can all see that special woman who inspires you.

We will choose 3 mums who we will crown as our Infinite Mums for Mother’s Day 2014 and those 3 woman will each win a personalised infinity pendant valued at $225. The people who nominate our winning mums will win a baby Infinity pendant valued at $129.

So start nominating and tell that special mother that you love her to infinity and beyond.

To enter leave us a comment telling us who you are nominating and why, then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below.

The competition is open now and closes 02/05/14 at 7pm AEST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Behind The Scenes of The Uberfamily Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes
Every year we do a couple of photo shoots to create images we can use to show you our new products, how to wear them and also for shots we can use to update the website for you and our retailers.

Usually we hire a stylist, a photographer and studio, hair and make up and I have always been really happy with the end result – especially as we usually use models.

This photo shoot proved to be very different.

Everyone in the Uberoffice has been telling me for ages to use my own family as the Uberfamily in our photo shoots. But up until now it has been something that I have resisted as I’m not in anyway a big fan of having my photo taken!

That being said – my children, my hubby and I have been wearing Uberkate jewellery for more than 10 years and so I had to agree with everyone that it makes complete sense for the models to be a family that actually lives, eats and breathes the jewellery.

And so I reluctantly agreed on the basis that I could find a photographer who would come to our home and make us all feel completely comfortable and at ease. I wanted someone who could capture us in those precious candid family moments and capture the pure connection that Uberkate stands for.

Enter Paul Worsley from Live By The Sea Artography our photographer extraordinaire.

Photo Shoot a
In the end there were no studios and makeup artists. I decided to style the shoot myself, do my own hair and makeup and show the world my normal family.

We created wreaths out of flowers and staged our home with a beautiful linen curtain to shoot in front of.

I scoured the shops to find props and accessories that I thought would work with the
massive amount of jewellery we had lined up to shoot on the day.

I loved setting up all the clothing racks and organizing the “stories” to go with each look we planned to shoot. Shopping for props was fun, trying on hats was fun, and getting my boys
into some “good clothes” was a very special and satisfying moment.

Photo Shoot 2a
Paul completely understood me and what I was hoping to achieve by doing our shoot the way we did and I’m happy to say we ended up with many photos that I absolutely love.

For the first time ever I enjoyed having my photo taken and I loved sharing this experience with my children who are growing up so quickly. Having some special photos taken with Mr Uber was the icing on the cake.

I was completely out of my comfort zone for the entire day but I am so happy to have some
special family photos to show for it.

What have you done outside of your comfort zone lately??

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Supporting the Sisterhood


As I write this post I am an emotional wreck but so full of love and awe at the sheer strength and resilience of our SISTERHOOD.

As humans we on-goingly face the challenge of health issues, both physical and mental.

This week a wonderful makeup artist called Sandra Glynn inspired our Uberkate Team to put  together a range of jewellery we have called the SISTERHOOD SERIES


The Limited Edition SISTERHOOD series is for all of those women out there who are facing battles, who are inspirational, who are brave, who are survivors, who need to breathe and have courage. It is for our warriors.

The range is inspired by a breast cancer SURVIVOR but as we all know there are many different types of cancer that each family faces at various stages through out their lives.

Series P1010948 Pop Up

I am lucky enough to be the daughter of SURVIVORS. Both my parents have battled cancer and I am happy to say that both are still winning by the fact they are alive and in my family’s life every day. For that – I am so unbelievably grateful.

My husband hasn’t been so lucky – we lost both his parents to cancer.

It is a cruel insidious disease and takes away far too much from us all.


This limited edition range is not at all about the jewellery. It is about us uniting and reaching out and supporting each other and telling each other how amazing we all are.

Your nominations for our hero  competition this week shows the depth of love the SISTERHOOD has for each other and we thank you for sharing your brave stories and for being part of something that has touched so many people.

Thank you Sandra – for inspiring us!

Sandra 2Donate

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Sisters Helping Sisters


I always promised myself that when I found myself in a position where I could give back to someone less fortunate than myself, I would completely jump at the chance.

For the past 10 years of running Uberkate, my charitable donations have been mostly product based. I have been fortunate enough to offer and support hundreds of charities, Australia wide to help raise money for Breast Cancer, Children’s Hospitals, Leukemia Foundation, Girls nights in and many more.

In my heart I told myself that when I had achieved a balance in my life where I felt i was being the mum to my own children that I always dreamed of being, I would then know it was time to reach outside my life and support someone else in achieving their dreams.

GB 1

As a young entrepreneur I was lucky enough to be ‘unofficially mentored’ by a few key creatives as I found my way running Uberkate. Late last year Mandy Richards of Global Sisters asked me if I would be interested in becoming a ‘Big Sister’ to a young high school student. I knew straight away who that would be – a gorgeous young soul I had met through a jewellery workshop via my own business group LBD Group (Little Black Dress) as part of a program to empower disadvantaged girls, 

Of course I remembered Yasmin, how could you not! Her smile is bigger than her head and her enthusiasm was off the charts. And so together we set our first goal – to make enough jewellery to have Yasmin’s first jewellery stall as part of IWD International Womens’ Day.

Global Sisters 1

I set goals for Yasmin – 30 pairs of earrings and 20 necklaces plus an “inspirational necklace” that would be the centre piece of our display.

I wasn’t entirely sure she would have time to do this around her heavy year 12 homework load…. but she did.

When Yasmin and her mum Zara turned up last week to work on the stand, the excitement, the energy of the two of them had all of us buzzing about what lay ahead.

As I helped Yasmin unpack and design her stand I was blown away by the amount of jewellery she had managed to create. Her passion was evident, her hardwork had paid off and she had created more jewellery than the numbers I had set for her.

Yasmin loves herself a bit of animal print so I bought her a gift of fabric and packaging to make her stall her own. I wanted her to have all the tools she would need to put together a fabulous stall anywhere she may want to in the future.

Global Sisters

As the day progressed and the sales came in Yasmins smile got bigger and bigger. We started talking about the next stall and where to from here.

Her mum Zara, was beyond proud and the two of them started talking about local markets and when they may have the next stall. Yasmin’s mum is now 100% behind her and I know that the jewellery brand @YAZII has not only been born, but has a future as bright as Yasmin’s smile

I’m one #proud jewellery mumma.

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Perfectly Imperfect


Sometimes in life the mistakes we make are the things that turn into our greatest assets.

8 years ago at our busiest time of the year I took a leap of faith and employed someone to work with me and help me make my signature Ubercircles.

I had taken orders for 200 of them to be delivered the week before Christmas and I was stressed but happy at the same time.

I was excited yet anxious when the circles I had commissioned to be made arrived. With my hammer and tools at the ready to personalise them all I opened the box… HORROR!!

Every single one of the circles  was wrong. Not just a little bit wrong but massively WRONG.

I hit the emergency button and roped my Dad, my hubby and another silversmith friend of mine to come and work around the clock for four days and nights straight to help me remake the stock.

It felt like a complete disaster and the cost of remaking the circles very nearly ended the Uberkate Dream. We made no money that year and now I had a box of 200 unusable pieces taunting me.

I do however recall vowing to myself, that one day I would turn those circles into something truly AMAZING.

And so the seed that would become the Infinity Pendants was planted.

original infinity

Those first couple of years the pendants looked twisty and lame and then by about the 3rd year I became really good at hand making and hand twisting them…

Infinity Set blog

We finally launched the pendant and they became one of our best sellers. It seems that so many of us relate to this beautiful symbol and it’s meaning.

Recently I had a brain wave to make them in different sizes so they would nestle like a family against each other and I’m so proud to say that the response from everyone… all of YOU… has meant that we have now included them permanently into our range.

Infinity 2

If you focus on a mistake long enough and want badly enough to turn it into a positive it CAN be done.

So my infinity pendants stand for infinite love and the infinite flow of people around the single piece of metal. But they also stand as testament to turning something around, a mistake that became one of my best designs ever.

I hope you love wearing them and to quote Buzz Light year, “to infinity and beyond”.

xx Kate

To Infinity & Beyond

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Of Hopes & Dreams and a More Zen Life

Zen life 1

Those of you who know we well know that I am not usually Zen.

I mostly live my life at the speed of 11 out of 10 and if I do see a small rest on the horizon I usually go about filling it with a new hobby like shoe making, succulent growing, moving the furniture around my house again or reupholstering one of the millions of chairs I hoard.

I know this sounds freakishly intense, but the best part is that most of the time I can convince one if not two friends or members of Team Uberkate to jump on board my latest roller coaster and get on-board for the ride (plus it often ends with those on-board the ride getting something custom made for them for being part of my support crew… Most recently you Ness!)

I loved living at this fast pace until recently when I started to feel that I was missing things because I didn’t have time to stop and “be in the moment”.

My family and I recently spent an incredible holiday in Thailand together and it was during this trip that my kids taught me what it means to be present and only experience what is immediately happening around you.


Our first few days in Phuket I was busy on social media sharing our trip and photos with you all. By day four, I let it all go… and the social media/ phone silence continued for 12 blissful days.

I wanted to share with you all, but I knew in my heart – had I not done this I would have missed the most special family moment I have had in ages.


My little guy was completely at home in Asia from the minute we arrived. Seeing things through his eyes and with his commentary was spellbindingly beautiful.

Cam 2

On our first evening there, we were down strolling on the beach when suddenly the most gorgeous paper lantern drifted over our heads. Cameron couldn’t believe what he was seeing and we told him of how people purchase and release these lanterns to the sky and send up all their hopes and dreams with them.

(Some of the bigger lanterns didn’t go very far before catching fire and fizzing to the ground.. not to self… DO NOT PURCHASE THE LARGE LANTERNS – VERY RISKY FOR FAMILY HOPES AND DREAMS)

Lanterns 2

For the next couple of nights we watched the lanterns go up, but we weren’t always near the beach at sunset.

On our fourth night we wandered down to the beach and arrived just as the lantern sellers came along.

The look on my 6 year old’s face was hope, excitement, love, joy and magic all rolled into one.

I bought the lantern and we all stood together as the lantern man lit the wick and we prepared to send our hopes and dreams into the sky.. (i was secretly hoping our wouldn’t be a fizzer…)

Lanterns in Thailand

As it lifted off up into the sky the feeling was euphoric.

It was like letting go and knowing deep within my soul that there was nowhere else I would want to be, other than with these three amazing members of family, sharing and sending our hopes and dreams into the sky.

I felt like my children taught me to live in the moment and stay in it…


Our lantern floated gently away towards the sea and we stood together laughing and enjoying the fact that ours was floating furthest out to sea (quite a few of the big red love heart ones had already crashed and burned – I felt so bad for the couples!!)

It kept drifting and made it all the way out to the horizon before WE decided to turn and walk away while we could still see it.

Hopes and Dreams

We still talk about how our hopes and dreams are still up there floating around the globe and even though I know the truth of it, it feels like they are.

So this is my goal for now, to learn mindfulness, to live in the moment, be with my kids, create incredible jewellery and continue on the journey with my soul mate Adam.

What are your hopes for the future?


Zen life 2

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Wedded Bliss – A Surprise UberWedding

Uberkate Wedding 1

There is no denying I am a lover of weddings.

I have custom made the jewellery for most of closest friend’s special days and whilst I prefer to let other specialist jewellers make the big bling ring (although I have designed and made a few of those too), I am a sucker for creating an amazing wedding accessory.

When it came to my own wedding I went into internal wedding hyperdrive. I was on maternity leave from channel 9 for 12 months, I had a new baby and I was at my creative best. My hubby to be told me to go for it and when I mean go for it, everything had to be handmade.

I made I made my invitations with the help of closest friends and wired them shut with a real chilli. That being said, these invitations were not for a wedding, but an ‘engagement party’…

Adam and I had always planned on eloping, so we told everyone we would have an engagement party so that they could help us celebrate.

When the day of the party came, I arrived late and a celebrant stepped out from the crowd and asked over 100 guests to please separate and form an isle for the bride to walk down.

As I took those steps toward Adam and through all of the people we love most in the world, the tears were streaming down all of our faces. We had only told 6 people in total of what we had planned and some of my closest and dearest friends thought they would never get to be part of our wedding.

kate wedding

My mother-in-law and bridesmaids had gone to the flower markets the morning of the wedding and we created our own floral displays and bouquets.

I had Adam’s groomsmen’s silk shirts custom made with wide lapels and french cuffs so that they could wear the cuff links I had made for them as thank you gift.

The bridesmaids wore silk beaded halterneck tops that were made by my mum, along with silk wide-legged black plants we had designed ourselves and had made.

I hand beaded their necklaces and matching cuffs and made my own pearl choker and wrist cuff from pearls that were given to me by my grandmother.

kate wedding 2

Wedding Jewels

Some of the photos I cherish the most from this special day of ours are those that were taken with my darling baby girl. She wore a slip of silk left over from my wedding dress and the most precious hand-painted fairy wings.

Uberkate Wedding 2

Uberkate Wedding 3

Marrying the love of my life was both an incredible blessing and a dream come true.

Where and how did you get married?

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Congratulations to Our Valentine’s Day Winner


A huge Congratulations to Cameron whose story we all fell in love with.

“I met my girlfriend two years ago one afternoon at work. We hit it off right away, instantly clicking in the rare way you do. After a shift of flirtatious banter and me trying to impress her with my plans for an “awesome Australia Day party” at my house I was stoked when she found an excuse to add me on Facebook claiming she needed information about the university we found out we both went to. I got home to find a friend request and a message on Facebook from her. I quickly gathered all the information she asked for and continued to ask her what classes she was in and if I would see her…and that was it. I never got a reply. Hoping she just forgot I thought I’d find a way to casually ask her about it at work thinking it was lucky we worked together …but I didn’t see her again for eight months. I eventually decided she flirted to get what she wanted and then disposed of me which I thought was quite mean. Or just plain forgot about me which was a little insulting…I thought we hit it off?! Throughout those eight months we continued to work at the same place but never actually seeing each other, working totally different shifts. Then one day at the end of September I saw her at work and we got along like the best of friends again. Those chance meetings turned into planned catch ups and eventually we became very close friends. A couple of months later I casually bought up how she rejected me and she was absolutely hysterical about it. She apologised profusely but just couldn’t stop laughing and that’s when I knew I was falling for this girl. Time wore on and we grew closer and our friendship deepened into a relationship. To this day I still tease her about the initial rejection but she claims the timing was perfect and her subconscious rejection was to sort herself out which inevitably lead to our stability. Lesson here? Rejection is good…sometimes. And timing is everything.”

-  Cameron Bayer

Thanks to everyone who entered, you all had such beautiful stories to tell. xx

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An #UberAdventure… Otherwise Know as Uberkate Does Thailand Part 1

PicMonkey Collage

I have been travelling to Thailand now for the last 12 years and it’s a country I am very passionate about.

There is one particular place that I visit and actually plan my trip around (because it’s only open on the weekends) and that is the Chatuchak Weekend Market (or Jatujak Market). These incredible markets are one of the world’s largest and cover an area of 70 rai (27 Acres). It is divided into 27 Sections and contains more than 15,000 booths selling goods from every part of Thailand.

Thailand 1

Chatuchak Weekend Market is very popular shopping centre for the Thai people and has become a popular place for tourists and foreigners who stay in Bangkok to visit. Of the 200,000 plus visitors on each day (both SAT-SUN) 30% of them are foreigners.

Almost anything can be found here at a bargain local price (not the outrageous tourist prices), and most vendors actually come from the local factories and there are antique wood carvings, clay handicrafts and local souvenirs from every part of Thailand. Seas of Buddhist amulets, hand made decorated flowers, plants, ceramic wares, dools, Thai Bejarong, Chinese wares, garden decorated plants, stones, trendy fashions, silk, hill-tribe outfits, wooden furniture, fluffy dogs and more fill the booths and every available space.

Thailand 2

The first time I visited Chatuchak I was single and childless. I remember thinking to myself that one day  I would love to bring my daughter to experience the bustle, laughter and beauty of these markets. For some strange reason I have always known I would be blessed with a daughter (luckily we were also blessed with a boy later too)

As we entered the markets the excitement in me was only matched by the excitement in my daughter. Like her mum, she too has a love of markets and sourcing treasure. The apple never falls far from the tree.


At our first stop we managed to find a map to this wonderful place of possibility and we worked out a bit of a game plan to ensure we saw as much as possible. My advice to her was is – if you see something you love, don’t daly as chances are we could never find the stall again… even with our map!

For me the true treasures, the things I cant wait to bring home with me, are authentic designs that symbolise the country. The Thai handicrafts and handwoven jewellery (from cord, every stitch lovingly done by hand- securing pearls, seed beads and shells) get me every single time. These pieces are so beautiful that I insist that they need to be displayed in our home.

I have been in love with the work of The Hmong Hill Tribe (from Northern Thailand) for years and I am blown away at how they adapt colours and create such stunning handbags, beach bags, wallets, purses.

My absolute favourite purchase at Chatuchak was this Hmong Hill Tribe bag.

Thai Bag

After making our way through isles of Thai Antiques (yes that is an ivory penis below) it’s time to eat and get a leg massage with my girl.


I think her face says it all…


Thailand 3

This place is truly magical and unlike the rest of Thailand, it’s not changed much in the past 12 years. There is something about this area that never fails to take me to a place of creativity and rewards me with a feeling of gratitude that I try and hold onto long after I have left.

Taking my daughter here was on my life bucket list and it was every bit as special as I hoped it would be.

I found the most inspiring pairs of butterfly wings in resin while at the markets. The creators pull the wings off the butterfly after they have died and then coat them in resin.

Would you wear them?

butterfly earrings

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Win an UBER Romantic Dinner For Two & an Uberfine Inner Heart Necklace

Winner a Dinner for two

When it comes to love, we are completely smitten at Uberkate. There is nothing better than a true love story to remind us of just how awesome life can be.

To celebrate our love of LOVE, we want to give two lucky lovebirds a romantic dinner on us.

The winner will receive a dinner for two to the value of $150 at your restaurant of choice.

And that’s not all, The winner will also receive a beautiful Uberfine Heart pendant valued at $139.

range1-HEART-WG 1

To enter you need to spoil us with your love story … tell us how you met your love in the comments below and follow the prompts to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open now and closes Sunday the 9th February at 7pm AEST.

The winner will be contacted via email and the competition is open to Australian Residents only sorry.

Good luck lovers.

**By entering you acknowledge that you will be subscribed to the**

Uberkate Newsletter Database

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Little Pots Of Weirdness – Otherwise Known as Succulents

Succulent Love

As you have or will come to know about me – I am passionate about many things in this life and I’m inspired by nature and continually amazed by so many things things around me.

When it comes to ‘crazy beautiful’ in the plant kingdom, there is no doubt the succulent and orchid families win hands down for me.

When I was a kid I can recall my Grandmother growing all kinds of succulents in many crappy plastic pots on plant stands in her backyard. She grew roses too, but they held no interest for me, as it was the succulents that had me intrigued.

Yep, it was the weird, twisty, multi-coloured succulents that every now and then threw out insane looking flowers that didn’t even look like they belonged to the plant, that caught my eye.

Since having a home of my own I have been cultivating my own little pots of weirdness and they are now at the stage where people have started asking me for cuttings of the ones that have caught their eye so that they too can have their very own little pots of weirdness.

There is one particular plant that I take cuttings off and now at least half of my immediate family have their very own little pot of this awesome weirdness that has found a place within in their heart and home.

There is a motto in all of this … somewhere…  and I am guessing it is ‘Don’t be afraid to embrace the weird‘.  These little plants will reward you when you least expect it with some spectacular form of a flower and besides they are hard to kill which has to be a plus in anyone’s book. 

Have you embraced the weird?

I have a whole board full of Succulent love over on Pinterest including tips on how to grow them. Click here if you would like to check it out.


image source

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Since the age of 7 or 8 I have been obsessed with Florence Broadhurst prints.

B717F12D25452F0200CE969D820BCB46I was first introduced to the work of this visionary lady by an aunt…. or my Grandmother…. or one of mums friends, and I marvel at how this lady’s work can turn a toot into a refuge with a flourish of fern, a cockatoo or a psychedelic neon print.

I am a visual person and I feel something every time I see one of Florence’s prints.

Florence Broadhurst designs

So… going to the workshop where her archive of work is now contained and kept alive (not sure if you know but she was murdered back in the 70’s) well it was kind of like a religious experience for me.

David and Helen Lennie stumbled across her body of work nearly 15 years ago and have spent the last 15 years protecting, producing and growing the Florence Broadhurst Brand via their company Signature Prints.

It has not been an easy task for them and while prints go in and out of fashion these two incredible people have managed to increase the global awareness of a work that back in the 60’s and 70’s was considered gauche by the Australian design fraternity.

Some of the prints are now licensed for use for high end fashion pieces by designers Akira IsogawaNicky Zimmermann and Karen Walker.

Last month, in a warehouse very similar to the one Florence would have worked in all those years ago, I was fortunate enough to experience how those iconic wallpapers are made and to print two designs for myself.

Signature Prints Workshop

Do you think I could wait for my work to be framed before i tried it out on my wall???

Ummm no!

testing prints at home before framing

xx Kate

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DIY Paper Wreath

DIY Paper Wreath


One of my favourite things to do is make meaningful gifts to give to those I love.

Last Christmas I made wreaths out of vintage books that I bought for just a few dollars and gave them to my gorgeous street Grandmas who hung them on their front doors.

This year I decided to add a twist by spray painting them and turning them into paper art that can be gifted at Christmas, but left to hang and enjoy all year round.

Follow these 10 simple steps to make your own and you can even get the kids in on the act if you are game.

Trust me, this project only takes a few hours and you will gain such a great sense of accomplishment.

  •  Purchase an old book from your local opportunity shop and cut off one side of the dust jacket. I like to cut out the tittle and hot glue gun it to the back so I know which book I used.. and you can choose a meaningful book with a tittle that has a message in in for the giftee.
  • Start ripping out pages from the front of the book.. rip out to page 250 and curl and hot glue gun 250 pages. This should be enough for the size of the book pictured.
  • Mark the back of the book in a square with about 2 inches so you can hot glue gun the first row.
  • Go around in a circle til the bottom layer is full
  • Hotglue gun the next layer on top
  • Keep gluing layers until you are happy with the shape.
  • You have finished.. you can leave the wreath the colour of the pages or spray paint around the edges to give it an ombre look.
  • Use a bulldog clip to hang it.

Paper Wreath DIY Instructions 1 Paper Wreath DIY Instructions 2

Paper Wreath DIY Instructions

Now just you wait until you see the look on peoples faces when they see your wreath AND find out that you made it!

Tip: Enjoy the creative ride and try making them from different sized books.. they always turn out differently..

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Announcing The NEXT Big Thing From Uberfine

Blog Header

Being creative is not just something you do, it is who you are, what you live and what you breathe.

I am so inspired by the creativity of others around me, especially young women who are evolving, discovering and becoming who they are meant to be. They fuel my own love of creating and for that reason I was so excited to work with some beautiful young fashion bloggers on our next collaboration, which is aptly named – Uberfine NEXT.

Four of my favourite fashion bloggers were invited to our Uberkate head quarters for a night of celebration and collaboration and most importantly to design 6 unique pieces of limited edition jewellery to complement our existing Uberfine range.

Uberfine Next These girls are so fun, spirited and confident and their individual personalities and views on life and fashion are so perfectly reflected in their designs.

Let me introduce to the gorgeous girls and their designs.

Aprilia Love

Aprilia’s paper aeroplane necklace symbolizes youth and travel and her lotus pendant is based on some personal drawings of hers.

Aprilia Love Blog

Paper Aeroplane – Sterling Silver

Paper Aeroplane – Yellow Gold Plated

Lotus – Sterling Silver

Lotus – Rose Gold Plated


Joelyne Inspires

Joelyne worked with me on a floating bird and heart design to represent both freedom and love.

Joelyne Inspires Blog

Bird Heart


Your Only Black Swan

Lauren co-designed with me a double triangle necklace that symbolises friendship – when two triangles come together to form one.

Your Only Black Swan Blog

Friendship Triangle


Spin Dizzy Fall

Emma is inspired by things that are weapon like yet pretty and she collaborated on a weapon pendant.

Spin Dizzy Fall Blog

Weapon – Sterling Silver

Weapon – Rose Gold Plating


And then finally there is my design, a small disc with the Southern Cross in cubics in celebration of my homeland Australia (and of course our fabulous Kiwi friends too).

Kate Sutton

Southern Cross – Sterling Silver

Southern Cross – Yellow Gold Plated


All of these designs are timeless quality pieces that have been designed with woman of all ages in mind.

We aspired to a range that represented friendship, love, spirit, fashion and meaning, all of which are elements that are important to me and what my brand represents.

The Uberfine NEXT pieces are available now in silver, rose gold plated and yellow gold plated.

Click here to see the full range or to purchase.

These are available for a limited time only, and we hope you enjoy choosing a piece you truly connect with.

xx Kate

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Introducing An Exciting New Collaboration between Uberkate & Il Tutto

Nothing gets me quite as excited as launching a new line, and even better when this new line just happens to be a collaboration with an incredible friend of mine.

il tutto And Uberkate

For this exciting collaboration I teamed up with my very successful friend – Australian bag designer Lucie Trinco, the creator of Il Tutto. Lucie was the clever chick responsible for designing the award-winning international baby bag.

I met Lucie 3 years ago at a Baby show in Sydney where we were both exhibitors. Lucie’s husband had recently bought her an Ubercircle after the birth of her child Frankie and she made a point of coming up and saying hello and to tell me how special the necklace was to her. From that moment we just clicked and our friendship was cemented.

Today, not only are we great friends, we are each other’s biggest supporters and doing this collaboration with Lucie is such a dream come true for both of us.

Together we have come up with a stylish and colourful leather purse and jewellery set which is in our opinion the most perfect gift for your sister, friend or daughter… or *ahem* yourself.

There are four coin purses in turquoise, fuschia, rose or tan to choose from and each comes with an Uberkate sterling silver chain with two floating pendants in your choice of sterling silver, gold, or rose gold for $149.

The two floating pendants symbolise the essence of who we are as designers,  there are also two of my signature UberCircle designs, and Lucie chose to represent her renowned tulip flower from the Il Tutto logo.

There is only 75 of each colour in this range available, so be sure to get in quickly to secure yours.

Happy Shopping and Good Luck deciding on a colour!

Click here to browse or purchase the Uberkate / Il Tutto collaboration range on our website.

il tutto And Uberkate Collabaration

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My Gorgeous Friend Tess from Down That Little Lane

Sometimes people come into your life and you just know you are destined to be lifelong friends.

Tessa Down That Little LaneTess and I met years ago when she had her first baby Kitty. She confessed to being obsessed with Uberkate, and as for me,  well I couldn’t believe that someone so fabulous and stylish loved what I was making.

It’s not everyday that someone who looks like a Supermodel (and actually is a model) is gushy about what you make.. needless to say I was star struck by this lovely, kind, and generous woman.

Babies came for both of us and again she revisited me when Harrington was born. The connection was undeniable and we became friends  via email and phone phone.

Tessa and Kate

It was around this time that Tess was toying with the idea of taking all of the things that she felt passionate about and putting them all together on one website so she could “share” the things she loved with other people. You can see where this is leading right?


I was genuinely so thrilled for my precious friend when she made that final step to put her love of all things bespoke, handmade, and gorgeous online in the form of Down That Little Lane.

Since then Tessa’s dream has continued to grow and thrive, as has our friendship. We now connect on an additional level – as business owners, women and mothers trying to juggle everything and reach the unattainable “having it all”.

We have been both shoulders and ears to each other through difficult growth stages, through family stages, and through finding “the authenticity” in those around us. I can honestly say, I am blessed to have this chick as one of my very best friends.

Take some time for your self to browse through her gorgeous website – Down That Little Lane and when you see all the gorgeous things for yourself, know that the woman behind the website is just as if not more gorgeous herself.

Tessa from Down That Little Lane

Oh and by the way, today just happens to be Tessa’s Birthday – so Happy Birthday my beautiful friend.

xx Kate

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Giving Back


One of the things I feel very passionate about is giving back to the community. I want to help in any way that I can, other women and kids achieve their dreams as well as helping those who are basically having a really tough time.

I have been incredibly blessed with Uberkate and I feel compelled to pay it forward.

I’m very proud to say that we have been involved with and supported some amazing charities, organisations and foundations over the past 10 years and I thought I would share just a few of the ones we supported this past month.

If anything I hope to help to bring more awareness to their cause so that anyone who is looking for something inspirational or incredibly worthy to support, may consider putting some love behind these amazing people and their organisations.

Club Kidpreneur

Club Kidpreneur is a fabulously inspiring not for profit social enterprise that nationally encourages entrepreneurial thinking in our Primary Age kids.

Their goal is to help kids start and grow their very own micro enterprises and through this, spark an entrepreneurial spirit in our next generation of Aussies.

How cool is that!


Bears of Hope

Bears Of Hope is an incredible Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support network that provides both support and exceptional care for families who have sadly experienced the loss of their baby.

Through various actions they reinforce to newly grieving parents that that they are not alone, that there is a community waiting there to support them.

Bears of Hope

The Baby Consultant

A little while back I was a part if a mentoring workshop with Motivating Mum and I was given a gorgeous girl – Vanessa to mentor. I am so proud that she has gone on to start her own business – The Baby Consultant.

Vanessa helps first time parents prepare for their baby and she makes what can be a very confusing time for mums something that is simple, easy and most of all enjoyable.

The Baby Consultant provides you with all the research, recommendations and reassurance you need when preparing for a baby. 

the-baby-consultant (1)

The Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation

Layne set up this foundation 10 years ago to help young women achieve their dreams.

The Foundation is all about empowering individuals to take control of their lives and their dreams, to invest in their future and fulfil their potential. They support girls and women who have both initiative and passion and are committed to achieving their dream whilst being courageous enough to ask for a little help along the way.

Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars

layne Kirk kate 2

I believe that you get what you put out to the universe, but the reward isn’t actually in the receiving part, the feeling of knowing you are helping someone else …. that’s where the good stuff is.

x Kate


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Welcome to Crazy Town … Population 1

These past two weeks I have been living life  in crazy town.

For many school holidays alone with the constant nagging for food is enough to get you a ticket to crazy town.  In my case, a whole list of things – otherwise referred to as a cluster bomb, pretty much guaranteed me a one way ticket to crazy town with bonus upgrades AND added extras like greying hair and stress lines to boot.

Want to have a look at my cluster bomb … just in case you weren’t feeling stressed enough for yourself?

  1. One child very generously contracted the chicken pox the week before the holidays started.
  2. Not to be outdone by a sibling, on the first day of school holidays the other child came down with an almighty case of the pox.
  3. We had organised to go to a friend’s beach house to stay while the top level of our house was painted and carpeted.. only my friend’s children haven’t yet visited pox land for themselves, so the that plan was scrapped and instead we were shipped off to my parent’s house to spend a pox filled week.
  4. As a grown woman I have come to the conclusion that I should never ever live with my mother. I love her dearly but she owns the one and only remote control that controls my temper. Yes you heard correctly, my temper.  As I write this I can I hear what my friends will say when they read this “What temper you don’t have one”… … but trust me on this, when I live with my mum I sure as hell do.
  5. Dust, hayfever and asthma for everyone… in that order

The savior of my week was my dear friend Mrs Woog, who heroically popped over and cooked her famous “pantry pasta” to ensure we were all nourished.  I tell you – This woman knows how to work the bottom of your crisper and turn any forgotten tins of good stuff into a lip smacking baked pasta dish that had our fussiest kids going back for seconds.

Mrs Woog was suitably rewarded with some porn time on the couch with our Dog Bunny.. or DB for short.

Mrs Woog saves the day

And then among all of this chaos that was our week, there was the renos.

I have included before photos as after 2 and half years of working on this house this final stage will see the long awaited completion.

Mr Uber, you are such an incredible human being who has worked tirelessly to create a beautiful home for us. And I love it that when I came to the conclusion that I simply COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT Ralph Lauren wall paper in our bedroom, and even after I told you THE PRICE, you said “if you look at it everyday the cost per day will be worth it in the long run.

Are they not the sexiest words a man can say ;)

Anyway, I can’t wait to show you the after shots next week but until then here’s how we are looking at the moment.

Reno Update blog

See you in crazy town,

Kate x

P.S Have you entered yourself or someone else to win an UberMemories Bangle and Pendant? If not – click here quickly and do it now.

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UberMemories Wall Of Memories Giveaway

Celebrating 10 Years of UberKate

September was an amazing month for us, celebrating 10 incredible years of fabulous memories since I started Uberkate.


10 Years!! Where has that gone???




This month we asked you guys to send us your pictures of you or your loved ones wearing your special Uberkate pieces and we have loved seeing every single picture. We were so touched by the stories of love and courage behind each of the pieces. so much so that we want to give you guys the chance to nominate yourself or someone special to win an UberMemories Bangle with a personally engraved pendant so that you or your chosen recipient can capture their own precious memories forever.


You can choose from any of the 6 UberMemories Bangles shown below; including The Foundation Bangle, The Status Bangle, The Heritage Bangle, The Prestige Bangle, The Heirloom Bangle, and The Prosperity Bangle  as well as one of the 5 UberMemories Pendants to be engraved.





To enter this Giveaway, just click on the Rafflecopter link below, follow the prompts and then start nominating in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Yes you can totally nominate yourself too if you feel you deserve to win. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open now and closes 18/10/13 at 7pm AEST. The winner will be contacted by email and announced here on the blog as well.

Finally we wanted to once again say thank you to all of you for your ongoing support. YOU have made these past 10 years so damn special. Thank you.


UberWall 1 UberWall 2 UberWall 3

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Meet The Uberkate Team – Part 1

Meet The Team

I was so excited this week to present my gorgeous team with a gift I made for each of them to say thank you for being such a huge part of the Uberkate story and success. It seemed only fitting that I create an UberMemories Bangle to suit each of their personalities and the important part they have played in my own Uberkate memories.


These guys are the backbone of my business and as well as being incredibly fun to work with, they are dedicated and loyal and I love each of them to bits.


I thought it would be fun for you guys to put some faces to the voices you often speak to on the phone so starting today and over the next two weeks I will introduce you to my gorgeous team and the special UberMemories pieces I have made for them.


Meet Emma


Emma is my beautiful sister and the most awesomest Retail Manager ever.

Emma is wearing the UberMemories Heritage Bangle with an Octagon Pendant and an Ubercircles combination with one small gold Ubercircle and 2 Large Silver Ubercircles.


Meet Jodie


Jodie is our fabulous Office Manager Guru

Jodie is wearing the Ubermemories Prosperity Bangle and Medium Russian Ubercircles


Meet Kayley


Kayley is our gorgeous Workshop Manager and she is wearing an UberMemories Prestige Bangle and an Ubercircles Combination, Small, Medium & Large.


ubermemories long chain x 3


And then there’s me – Kate, and I like to wear combinations of my different pieces daily, just to mix things up a little and in this particular photo I am wearing the UberMemories Pendants on a long chain.


I hope you enjoyed putting faces to the gorgeous girls who you speak to on the phone and who all work together with me to get your precious Uberkate pieces to you as quickly as possible.

We will introduce the rest of the team to you next week.


Hope you are having a fabulous week.

xx Kate

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The Week That Was and Still Is …

I have just experienced the most intense, amazing, roller coaster week and I just wanted, NEEDED to share it all with you whilst I’m flying high with the adrenalin from it all.


We got the party started for our Uberkate 10th anniversary at the International Jewellery Fair at Darling Harbour Sunday.


We designed our own stand in-house (Michelle you are amazing) and I am so incredibly proud of how it looked. I can’t believe we didn’t win best small stand! J


PicMonkey Collage


Last week also saw us launch a new concept that has been 18 months in the design phase – UberMemories. This is the most exciting set of designs I think I have come up with since the “Original Ubercircles” 10 years ago.



Within the range are 6 solid sterling silver bangles, one to suit and fit every woman or child. The first set of complimenting pendants can be worn on the bangle or as a necklace when you feel like a change.

And then there are the Signet Rings and I have to say I am blown away by the reaction to them.



I was inspired by a signet ring that my Pop gave to me when I was a small child. I lost it one afternoon when I was playing and I have pined for that signet ever since. These rings have been designed in Memory of my Poppa Tom.



The New UberMemories Range


The night before launching a new range I am always filled with ‘designer anxiety’.


Will people like what I have created?


Will the Jewellery Industry see its potential?


Thankfully I am thrilled to discover that the answer for UberMemories was a resounding YES!


On Friday I was invited by Lisa Messenger of Renegade Collective Mag fame to attend her Covergirl Event for the Mag at The Whitehouse School of Design.


At this event Mia freeman spoke with raw honesty about what it’s like to be a high level blogger and run two businesses.


The Divine Layne Beachley shared her story about the difficulties she faced bringing top level women’s surfing into the public eye, the differences in prize money on offer between the men and the women and how she sponsored her own world class female surfing event to show the men that anything the boys could do, the girls could do too. Layne ran the event for seven years and organised all the sponsorship herself.


And Lorna Jane talked of doing business on her own terms.


The room was practically on fire with all the positive energy bouncing around from a group of dynamic, positive business women and creatives.


I just love Lisa’s words to sum up her goal for the Mag – “Game Changers, Thought Leaders, Rule breakers, and Style Makers”.


Images from Collective Hub

Images from Collective Hub


On Friday night I got my Gatsby on and was lucky enough to be one of the sponsors for the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation dinner at the Ivy.


For anyone who doesn’t know about the Foundation, Layne set it up 10 years ago to help young women achieve their dreams.


Layne fought so hard to become a 7 times world champ surfer. And she set up this foundation to financially support other young women in that exact situation, fighting hard for their dream.


Greta Torelli – a 12 year old ballerina, Maddison Walton – a triple jumper, and Alanah Maclaurin – an inspiring young fencer in a wheelchair were just a few of the inspiring recipients of the Aim For the Stars grants?


I snuck a look at Mr Uber at one point during the video presentations and saw that he too had a tear rolling down his cheek.


I felt honoured to make each of the recipients an “Inner Door” from our Uberfine range and engraved their initials onto it.


The Inner Door is designed to open doors for you so I felt it was very symbolic to give this particular piece to the girls. To have each of the girls come and thank me and have a photo taken with me was a reminder of how being involved with something that you give to freely without expecting something in return always results in an amazing feeling.


I will be watching these girls and I can’t wait to see what they do with the amazing support they are getting through the foundation.


Go Layne, you are an incredible woman.


I am inspired this week to be a better woman, a better business owner, a change maker and someone who gives back.


To quote Layne “a candle never loses its light, by lighting another candle”.


Gatsby 4

Gatsby 3

Gatsby 2

Gatsby 1

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An UBER Day!


Today was a great day.. one of those days that you feel good to be alive, and good to be you. Today I was able to share my passion for jewellery making and running a business with a group of young women who are only just starting out on their journey in life.

bring out the bling

As part of my business group, LBD and their philanthropic arm, First Seeds Fund, I was fortunate to be invited to talk to a group of high school girls about what it’s like being a business woman. The aim was to inspire them and get them thinking outside the box of what life will have to offer.

empty room

Just two of them ambled in after the bell for class rang and my heart was in my throat as I considered that the 11 girls I was supposed to talking to might not bother to turn up.. I quickly threw all my mental plans for the lesson out the window and started unloading my containers of loot.. if there is one way to get a girls attention it’s by bringing out the bling!

cu arm candy

The two students and I sat down and started throwing around ideas.. do you like bracelets, necklaces? Earrings? Crickets.. not much feedback.. “I like black” and “I don’t really wear accessories”.. freaking out on the inside I delved into a tray of beads and started to make myself a bracelet.. I encouraged the girls to maybe make something for a friend, for their mums, a sister.. for their pet, FOR ANYONE!!


A few more faces popped around the corner to have a look at what we were doing and it looked interesting enough for them to come in.. All of a sudden I had a beading party on my hands and group of 7 engaged, excited young women who wanted to explore shapes, colour and fill their arms up with as much arm candy as they could make in the designated time.. (needless to say we ran over time by an hour)

group shot

As we beaded we chatted about opportunities for the future, about making something happen for your self and we even threw around ideas for our own school jewelery Brand that we could launch in the school yard to friends.

final shot arm candy

My philosopy has always been that every person has a business inspired by passion within them.. and if they want to find out what that is they just need to go looking on the inside. One gorgeous young girl talked of her passion for makeup and all of a sudden we were brainstorming finding recipes for lipgloss on the web, how to package and sell the product and who would be her first customers.

We also made special time to put together a gorgeous necklace for their lovely teacher Riley.. it matched her nails perfectly!

riley necklace w nails

The young women I met are not from high socio economic areas, they have hurdles to overcome on their way to becoming who they want to be, but with arms full of bracelets and some words of encouragement from a jewellery designer who is an eternal optimist, I can’t wait to see what these girls do.

My experience today has got me thinking more collaboratively. The joy I received as the girls packed up their little black Uberkate boxes to take out into the world and give as gifts or wear to make their friends jealous, will stay with me for a long time..

end shot peace

I will check back in with the girls later this year and can’t wait to share their progress,

Kate x

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Do you ‘heart’ your Ubermum?

With only a month or so until Mother’s Day I thought I should tell you a little more about my latest design, the UBERheart.

I’ve always loved the symbolism that a heart represents but I wanted to create a Heart that was not your typical heart jewellery… for two years this design has been bubbling away in my brain.. and for the past three months I have been working on it. I feel like the UBERheart has that beautiful heart symmetry yet it’s distinctly Uberkate in its look.

The piece comprises of three pieces that rest together to form a heart. They can be worn separately or together to create different looks.

I’m so excited by this design, it is truly beautiful, yet versatile. And I really feel any mum would be thrilled to wear this piece especially if it has been embossed with her families’ names… I know what my mum is getting for mothers day this year (and so does she, she’s already placed her “hint” order with me!)

I’ve designed the piece so it will appeal to those who like wearing gold, silver or even both.

If you think you or your mum would love an UBERheart then you’ll need to place your order by May 1st if you want to receive your necklace in time for Mother’s Day.

Happy Shopping!

UBERheart in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Sterling Silver

UBERheart in Sterling Silver

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Give your hubby a helping hand!

You’ve seen it, it’s perfect and you know you must have it!

You know you shouldn’t treat yourself so you’ll have to wait for a birthday, anniversary or special treat!

But how can you make sure hubby gets it right?

Mr Uber who often gets it wrong, has come up with the perfect answer – The Hubby Hint Button!

The Hubby Hint Button will not only make sure you get what you want but it will make shopping easy for your partner.

Just click the Hubby Hint button on the piece you want and we’ll send hubby an email with the details.

It’s that easy! Go on….give it a try!

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Not another farking ebook on parenting….

Sometimes in life you have a friend who you have known for more years than you have not… these friends are special nuggets of gold as they know the good/ the bad and the ugly about you and they love you anyway.. One of my little nuggets of gold is one of the most honest, hilarious writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She tells it like it is, and she’s not afraid to bare her soul on any topic.. Mrs Woog has just launched her first E-book on parenting.. titled “Mrs Woog Tales from the Front Line” Pop across to her blog and have a read.. be prepared for tears (funny ones) KX

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Need help in the home? Shelley Craft may have found the answer!

Has anyone else caught the renovating bug? After my obsession with The BLOCK series this year I have been inspired to go out and do my white card and my home owner/ builder certificate… I love chicks that can renovate and plan on being one!

Shelly Craft is someone who I admire for her work/ life balance and the fact that she will get in there and give anything a go.. I also admire entrepreneurs who create tools to help us amateurs out.. and Shelley Craft and her hubby have just designed The Builder APP to take the leg work out of finding a tradie or supplier for any job – ie changing light globes, to picking a site manager to take charge of your whole renovation. We all know how frustrating it can be to source tradespeople! If you need helping finding someone for a job in your home it might just be worth having a look…

Happy renovating!
Kate X

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Uberkate Sponsors Cancer Fundraiser

We are excited to report that the Ballarat Pink and White Ball, a cancer fundraiser which Uberkate proudly sponsored, has raised more than $11,000 for cancer research.

Uberkate along with our Ballarat retailer Karington Jewelry, donated an Uberkate gift voucher to the Ball Auction which was won by Ballarat local Matt .

Matt, the lucky winner of the Uberkate gift voucher

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Uberkate goes west

The Uberkate Car has hit the road and visited our three new Jewellers in the Central West NSW.. We welcome on board Regency Jewellers in Young, West Wyalong Jewellers, and Robbs Jewellers in Forbes.

Emma Haynes, our Retail Manager spent time with the staff in each of these stores educating them on the Uberkate brand.

“We are so excited that these gorgeous stores will all be stocking Uberkate. We have a big network of regular customers in the Central West.”

If you live in the Central West, pop in to one of these jewellers and have a look at the Uberkate samples and have a chat to any of the staff about which Uberkate piece is right for you.

Regency Jewellers Young
116 Boorowa Street,
Young NSW

West Wyalong Jewellers
116-118 Main St
West Wyalong

Robbs Jewellers Forbes
60 Rankin Street
Forbes NSW

Regency Shop Front

Regency Shop Front

The staff at Regency Jewellers

The staff at Regency Jewellers

Robbs Shop Front

Staff from Robbs Jewellers

West Wyalong Shop Front

West Wyalong Uberkate Display

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Why I LOVE The Block!

Being a former TV producer it’s not very often that a TV show completely obsesses me…but I have officially this year become a “blockaholic”.

This series has captivated me because of the four couples, each diverse as the next, that have made TV gold.
I have loved watching the frank barnies between Josh and Jenna.. they behave towards each other the way we all do sometimes behind closed doors.. lucky for us we got to see it all and they gave us everything.

Oh (sigh) “The Girls” or “The Mums” they have been like watching my sister and I navigating a reno together while being away from our partners and kids.. they have melted down, cried a lot, danced a lot and been completely “real”.

Rod and Tania- what a gorgeous, loving couple.. they inspired me to be kinder towards my own hubby and Tania reminded me that you can get your own way with your hubby if you “kill him with kindness” and constantly refer to him as “honey” even when you really want to stab him in the eye with a wooden stake.

The cutest couple award has to go to Polly and Waz- they remind me of the early days in my own relationship with my hubby, all the cute names, and all the optimism of youth, and their infectious excitement at every turn the show took. Can you two invite me to your wedding? I will make you an amazing piece of jewellery as a wedding present..!

I don’t actually care who wins the show on tonight but I will have my arse glued to the couch because I can’t wait to see all their faces during the auction.

I handmade and sent each of the women on the show a bangle as a lifelong reminder of all they achieved in eight weeks. I hope they each wear their bangles in the nursing home when they are old and grey and recount the amazing things they did in their lives.

To all of the contestants on “The Block 2011” good luck tonight… I have loved watching you all,
Uberkate X







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A stylish accessory for the Uber-dad!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought I should fill you in on what little goodies I have designed for our Uberdads.

This year I have designed a Money Clip which is the perfect gift for the executive Dad as it’s something he can use everyday.

The Money Clip design features soft lines and personalised embossing of the father’s loved ones.

My inspiration for this piece is my Dad. He is always fumbling for money or trying to stuff his wallet into tight pant pockets. The Uberkate Money Clip will solve both these problems and give him a stylish accessory.”

The front of the Money Clip can be embossed with up to 15 letters or dates and the back has room for a small message of up to 10 characters.

The Uberkate Money Clip is available for the special price of $285 and if the order is placed before the 1st of September 2011, customers will also receive an exclusive Uberkate leather key holder valued at $45.

However if the Money Clip is not for you I also have designed a range of cufflinks, necklaces and key rings, all of which can be personalised for your family. For further details, visit our website

Happy Shopping!

Uberkate Money Clip Backs

Uberkate Money Clip Backs

Uberkate Money Clip

Uberkate Money Clip

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Uberkate welcomes new retailer

Have you ever been to Victoria’s heritage village of Canterbury? Well you now have a reason. Perfect Pieces Jewellers is the town’s hidden gem and this beautiful jeweller will now be stocking the Uberkate range.

The French provincial inspired store only stocks innovative and contemporary pieces of Jewellery and owner Vanessa has a passion for special hand-made designs.

Vanessa is thrilled to be selling Uberkate in her Canterbury store as she has been selling the range in her sister store in the NSW town of Tamworth for more than a year.

“We have a really strong client base in Tamworth who visit us regularly to see what new pieces of Uberkate we have in stock,” said Vanessa. “And I have no doubt the Range will be just as popular in Canterbury.”

If you’d like to visit Perfect Pieces Jewellers they can be found at 3 Theatre Place in Canterbury, VIC or 303 Peel Street in Tamworth, NSW.

Uberkate In-store Display

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New retailer for Uberkate

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest retailer to the Uberkate family – Gold n’ Silver Mine in Victoria.

This gorgeous jewelry store will be stocking a large range of Uberkate and owner Karen, would love you to pop in for a look.

Gold n’ Silver Mine is located at 102 Napier St in Arnaud, Victoria.

This is the display set-up at the Uberkate VIP launch night

This is an Uberkate ad in the local Arnaud newspaper

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Uberkate supports The Sydney Children’s Hospital

Recently,  I have been truly touched by the generosity and love of our sisterhood.

Last Thursday, Mr Uber and I attended the “Gold lunch” at Hugo’s in Manly, for the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. These are a series of lunches, which aim to raise $700,000 for sick and injured children. We have donated “Family Tree” Pendants to be auctioned at three of these lunches to help reach this target.

The lunch was amazing and I couldn’t get over the generosity of those who attended. People really dug deep especially after we heard an inspirational story about a little girl called Charlotte who is fighting a brain tumour. Following this story, I watched a loving mother bid for a children’s birthday party, which she purchased for $2000. I then watched this beautiful woman go and give the prize to Charlottes mum.

I was totally overwhelmed and blown away by this woman’s kindness. If you would like to donate to this worthwhile cause I urge you to visit their website

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New Retailer – Home Savvy

We welcome Home Savvy in Stafford, Queensland to the Uberkate family.

Home Savvy is an oasis of beautiful gifts, home wares and jewellery. The owners of this wonderful store are passionate about sourcing Australian made and/or Australian designed products as well as offering customers different and unique pieces that other retailers do not.

If you’d like to view or purchase Uberkate’s new range at Home Savvy, you can visit their store at 613 Stafford Road, Stafford, Queensland.

Home Savvy

Staff at Home Savvy

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Win an Uberkate Family Tree Pendant

Every year I try to come up with something new for Mother’s Day that I know my own mum would love and this year is no different.

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, I have designed the Family Tree Pendant, an heirloom piece that has been crafted in solid silver and can be embossed with details of your family history.

My inspirations for this necklace are the growth rings of a tree stump. I wanted to design a piece, which like a tree, holds the key to the wearers family history such as where you met your partner, where you were married, special dates and children’s names.

If you think your mum would also love our Family Tree Pendant, you can buy one on our website or I’m giving one lucky person the chance to win one.

All you need to do is visit our facebook page at and tell us what is the best or worst advice your mum has ever given you. Post your piece of advice on the Uberkate facebook wall before Friday April 8th and we will then shortlist the entries and ask you to vote for your favourite.

Good Luck!

Uberkate Family Tree Pendant

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Jackie O and Motherhood

A few weeks ago as I was driving the kids to school, I heard Jackie O on the radio talking about motherhood. I was quite touched by her honesty as I listened to her openly discuss being a working mum. At one point she even burst into tears about having to leave Kitty to cry while she learnt the age old “self settling” technique so Jackie wouldn’t have to carry her everywhere anymore…

These days most celebrities are busy doing magazine spreads about how they lost the baby weight or how perfect their newborn is.. we read about babies who come out of the womb sleeping through the night and already speaking four languages.. I think the realness of Jackie’s comments and her honesty is what really makes her connect with other women.

Finding a work life balance is a juggle many mums face (including me) and it’s important that we support each other in whatever decisions we make about what’s best for our families and ourselves… as one of my best friends says.. “don’t be judgy smudgy”

Motherhood is the best and the hardest thing I have ever done.. the constant struggle to keep everyone on track and then squeeze a few minutes left over time for yourself to brush your hair or maybe even do something for yourself.

I wanted Jackie to have some uberkate so whenever she is away from Kitty she could wear a little piece of her.. I decided to make her the medium and large Living Circles that I have embossed with her daughter and husband’s names. Sometimes it makes those long days away from your family that little bit easier when you are wearing them close to your heart.

Oh and I also made kitty her first silver bangle (the Ruby Rose Bangle) because every little girl should have one!

K x

Large and Medium Living Circles

Ruby Rose Bangle

Thank You Note from Jackie

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New Retailer – NV Designer Jewellery

We are really excited to this week welcome a new retailer to the Uberkate family.  NV Designer Jewellery in East Gosford , will now be stocking the Uberkate range so customers in the Central Coast region can view the handmade pieces before placing their orders directly in store.

Award winning jeweller and owner of NV Designer Jewellery, Russell Carr, has over 30 years experience in jewellery design and his store is well renowned in the area for offering customers unique, timeless pieces of jewellery that reflect sophistication, distinction and rarity.

If you’d like to view Uberkate’s new range, you can visit Russell and his team at Shop 2/103 Victoria Street, East Gosford or for more information you can visit their website

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The Keep Family

Over the past few months I have been absolutely shocked by the tumultuous nature of Australia’s environment. Almost every corner of our beautiful country has been rocked by natural disasters and good people’s lives have been turned upside down.

People have lost loved ones, their homes, businesses, pets and life as they know it. One such family is the Keeps from Grantham in QLD. Stacey and Matthew Keep whose story appeared on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes tragically lost their daughter and both their mothers in the recent floods.

After seeing this story, one of our loyal Uberkate customers contacted me on our facebook page and asked if we could somehow help Stacey and her family. I was inspired by the enquiry and blown away by the empathy and generosity of the posts that followed.

So on behalf of Uberkate and our facebook fans I have made an Uberkate Friendship Bangle and embossed the piece with details of the Keep’s family members. A small token of love from all of us….
Uberkate Friendship Bangle

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A wonderful year….

As 2010 draws to a close I have had a few days to reflect on the “uberyear” that was and focus on the one that is to come. We celebrated our 6 years in business birthday in September which sounds like a long time but I really only now feel like I have a handle on this roller coaster ride.. We spent most of the year focusing on redesigning the look and feel of the business.. designing a new website with Adam from Promotions.. and taking new lifestyle and model shots with Sarah Van Wijjk from Vake photography… I spent most of my year in the workshop toiling away on current designs and then we had the very exciting launch of our new Living Range which is inspired by vines and growth (how symetrical and appropriate!) We also moved to bigger and better premises which was both stressful and exciting… We welcomed new staff on board and took on new retailers.. Now to my most exciting and creative project of the year…

"The Family Tree"

new designs for 2011

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about family and what they mean to me.. I wanted to design a piece of jewellery that could incorporate a “family tree” as such.. a piece that could have more than just names and dates and that could continue to have information or words added to it over the years.. the idea has bubbled away for the past couple of years.. and as most good designs often do it came to me at 3am in the morning one night.. I have been growing this concept, sketching designs and physically making pieces that can hold and contain large numbers of words and dates and the progress of the idea is one of the most exciting things I have ever created.. this piece will be launched in time for mothers day 2011. .. the next couple of weeks are purely creative time for me.. i have also spent a large part of 2010 working with Diamonds… yes… diamonds! … i will post some pics soon… have a wonderful start to 2011,.. kate & Co X

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Giving birth

Here at the Uberkate headquarters we have just been through one of the largest undertakings I can remember, in fact I’m going to compare it to giving birth!

Over the past six months the Uberkate team has worked tirelessly on creating a new website for our wonderful clients. Over the years we have had a number of websites all of which have been great but nothing like this one…

This one has it all – including a blog! Our IT wizard Adam Ross at Dotcom Promotions who created the site has made it one of the easiest sites to navigate, even for technology challenged users like me!

But not only is it easy to use, it looks great too. We have worked with graphic designer and photographer extraordinaire Sarah Van Wijck from Vake Photography who has created a look that truly symbolises the Uberkate brand.

So I hope you enjoy our new site (baby) and I invite you to spend some time exploring the pages and if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make the site even better, we’d love to hear from you.

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Welcome to the world of Uberkate!

Welcome to my world, the world of Kate Sutton or Uberkate as I’m now known.

I suppose I should start by telling you a little about myself…

I’m a 37 year old, mum of two – Lulu who is eight and Cameron who is just three. I’ve been married to the lovely UberAdam for x years and together we are a great team. Well we have to be given we work and live together!

I started the Uberkate brand back in 2004 when I was a television producer. After years of making jewellery for friends, I realised my talents lay with jewellery design when I created my signature piece “The Ubercircle” to keep my family close to my heart while I was traveling.

Soon I was spending more time creating Ubercircles for friends than making television, so I decided to make the biggest decision of my life and throw in my stable, well paying job for a life as an unknown jewellery designer.

I have never once regretted my decision. Although I cannot say everyday is easy, I can certainly say that running my own business with my husband, UberAdam, is a wonderful journey.

I invite you to share that journey with me through this blog and feel free to drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you…

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Living Range Christmas Giveaway – checkout our facebook page

Check out our facebook page for our 10 finalists and we’d like you to vote for who you think is the most deserving.

The entrant with the most votes will win an Uberkate Living Circle valued at $245. Finalists don’t forget to get your friends to visit our page and vote for you! The winner will be announced on Monday 29th of November.

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