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Frequently Asked Questions

If you require further information please contact us on or call (02) 9975 6767.

Can I emboss at a later stage?

Embossing is included with most Uberkate pieces at the time of purchase. If you are looking to add a name at a later stage after the initial purchase, then a stamping fee will apply according to the table below:

$65 $45
EG: Sending back a set of 2 blank Medium Ubercircles to add ANN on one circle and DAVID on another is $45.

Return freight from the Uberkate studio is included (within Australia).

Can I emboss on both sides of an ubercircle?

We regularly emboss names on the front and dates on the back, but generally these are offset to the sides. A name usually cannot be embossed on the other side directly behind a name on the front or the name on the front will be distorted. The exception is with thicker pieces.

Can I buy a blank piece of Uberkate jewellery?

Yes, some clients buy a piece of jewellery during their pregnancy and then send it back to us when their baby is born and they have decided on a name.

Can Uberkate repolish my jewellery?

Yes we can. Send your piece of Uberkate jewellery to us we will repolish it and return it to you for a fee of $45.00 including return freight (within Australia).
You can send to PO Box 487 Forestville, NSW 2087 or call us on (02) 9975 6767.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes. Just go to our home page. We do provide gift vouchers for any value. We also provide a service where several people can include themselves in a gift voucher pool for the one person. You can redeem your gift voucher online too.

How long does it take to receive my Uberkate jewellery?

It takes 10-15 business days to to receive your jewellery.

What if a chain breaks?

Uberkate will replace chains if the chain has failed within two weeks of purchase.

What bangle size am I?

Some of our bangles are made to order so please provide us your size in the comments section during ordering. One way to work out your size is to measure the diameter of an existing bangle. Another is to point your fingers and squish them together then wrap string or cord around your knuckeles at the widest point. Imagine the widest point at which a bangle needs to get past. Then measure the cord on a ruler. A medium bangle is usually around 65mm. 
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