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Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Living Range
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Love Lines
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles
Secret Tablets
Women, Uberkate Jewlery, Ubercircles

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"Finally added my daughter's ubercircle, my family necklace is complete!!"VICTOIRE
 "My ubercircles make keep me this close to my twins, even when my arms don't reach that far." JOANNA  "My Loves..." NICOLE Rocking my uberkate AND neon already! MELISSA
 "My birthday celebrations, this year!!" YVONNE      


Uberkate is a world where artisan craftsmanship and personalized jewellery combine to create lasting connections between families and loved ones. Each Uberkate design is individually handcrafted from the highest-quality metals into a premium piece of jewellery that is as distinctive as it is elegant.
A necklace from Uberkate is the perfect way to mark sentimentality and meaning. A keepsake to mark an individual moment in time.  There is nothing more personal than a women’s necklace.
At the cornerstone of the Uberkate collection is the original silver necklace, the Ubercircle.  The Ubercircle is a striking blend of sophisticated aesthetic and bespoke craftsmanship. Perfect for keeping your loved ones close to your heart. The Ubercircle is the original piece of personalised jewellery and has evolved into a stunning gold necklace version as well as the original silver necklace.
While we are known for our Ubercircles, we actually have a wide selection of necklaces, all individually designed and handcrafted. Our Uberovals provide the same function as the Ubercircles in that they can be worn inside each other and can sit on our Uberclip but they remain unique on their own.

Our Russians collection allows you to emboss and personalise your loved one's names in silver then binding them in a forever unbroken circle or oval is a truly meaningful experience.

Our Living Range embodies the spirit of growing vines. Based on a knarled and twisted vine the colletion is earthy in its very nature.

"Turning a living piece of art into sterling silver was an increadible experience for me. I was aiming for a liquid metal look to the pieces and I'm really happy with the result." KATE

This collection is designed to grow with you through life. Perhaps start with a necklace then add a bangle or earrings. 

The Infinity Range is a tribute to the endless flow of love and relationships. In the Uberkate Studio, we take an oversized Ubercircle then twist it, hammer it, stamp it, sand it and polish it until the result is the Kate's interperatation of the Infinity symbol.

The Uberheart is one of our most recent designs. Not satisfied with just another heart, Kate wanted a design which made a statement. Wear all three pieces. Wear the two outside pieces to created a 'shrouded' skin look or wear only one piece and give the others to your friends or family.

Whatever the choice, you know you're wearing an Uberkate one-off that's backed by an Innovation Patent.


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