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Living Ring
Living Ring x 2
Living Ring x 3
Narrow Love Band Ring X 1 Sterling Silver
Narrow Love Band Ring X 1 Gold
Love Band Ring X 1 Sterling Silver
Love Band Ring X1 9ct White Gold
Love Band Ring X1 9ct Yellow Gold
Love Band Ring X1 9ct Rose Gold

Uberspotting rings...

A ring from Uberkate is the perfect way to mark sentimentality and meaning. A keepsake to mark an individual moment in time that means something to the wearer of the ring.  Fashion forward and bespoke for the wearer an Uberkate ring is certainly a statement piece of women's jewellery. As personal as they are refined, each Uberkate ring is handcrafted to reflect the unique tastes of the wearer. 
Whether it's a wedding band or a celebration ring, our range of Sterling silver rings and 9ct gold rings are the ideal keepsake. Gold rings and silver rings from Uberkate are inspired by the Uberkate collections including Ubercircles and more recently the Living Range.
The Living Rings are based on a twisted vine. They are elegantly irregular and wearing multiple Living Rings is a fashion statement, especially with a mix of golds and silver.
Our Love Band rings are available in sterling silver and 9ct yellow, rose or white gold. At 5mm wide these classically beautiful rings can be customised all the way round with names, dates or a speical message. A favourite with newly-engaged couples and those celebrating milestones like anniversaries and graduations. We now offer Love Band rings in 3mm width for those who prefer a smaller look and feel.

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