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Our Picks for Christmas

Ubercircle Original Gold - Kate's first ever design. A single engraved 9ct gold Ubercircle 4cm diameter and flat all the way round. Your choice of white, yellow or rose gold. Includes 45cm 9ct gold chain.

Ubercircle Original Gold

Uberkate Art Copper - "Uber-special." For the bedside table or family wall. Your love letters, children's handwriting, family history documents. Words become art in solid copper. True one-off pieces of Art by you, for you.<br><br>Copper plate measures 7.5cm x 7.5xcm and you have a choice of White or Black frame…(measures 23cm x 23cm)

Uberkate Art Copper

Forever Heart Combination - Small and Med - Hand formed solid sterling silver hearts 1.5 and 2.5cm wide that hang on an angle by a 45cm sterling silver curb chain. Engraving available on the wide side of the pieces both front and back.

Forever Heart Combination - Small and Med

Living Keyring - Based on a twisted vine, a large sterling silver living circle (3.5x3.5cm) linked to the key-holder via a small living circle (2x2xcm). Embossing available on both.

Living Keyring

Ubercircles Large X 1 Gold - A solid gold embossed circle. 3.5cm in diameter. Available in 9ct yellow, white or rose gold. (Gold chain not included)

Ubercircles Large X 1 Gold

Combination Ubercircles 1 Sm, 1 Med, 1 Lrg Silver - Three engraved sterling silver Ubercircles. One 2cm diameter circle sits within a 2.5cm diameter circle within a 3.5cm diameter circle. Includes 45cm silver curb chain and silver uberclip.<br>We've taken $100 off! Merry Christmas!<br>Normally $565

Combination Ubercircles 1 Sm, 1 Med, 1 Lrg Silver

Wordsmith Clover Large - A sterling silver folded four leaf clover approximately<br>27mm wide. Includes sterling silver belcher chain with <br>jump-rings at 45cm, 55cm and 65cm so you can wear <br>them at different lengths.

Wordsmith Clover Large

Men's Love Lines Small - A single engraved solid sterling silver Love Line. 23mm in length and 5mm wide. Includes 45cm black leather strap plus a silver connect 6. Embossing on front only.

Men's Love Lines Small

Girl's Love Lines Small X 1 - A single hand made embossed sterling silver Love Line. 23mm in length and 5mm wide. Includes 45cm pink leather necklett.

Girl's Love Lines Small X 1

Ubersquare Cufflinks - Small silver 15mm square cufflinks 2mm thick.

Ubersquare Cufflinks

Uberoval Cuff - A single hand made sterling silver Uberoval wrist cuff. 3.5x4cm diameter. Includes two leather straps - your choice of black, caramel, turqoise, burnt orange, olive.

Uberoval Cuff

Oval Hoop Earrings - A pair of solid tension-set sterling silver earrings round at the top and flattened towards the base. The perfect all-round earring, it goes with everything in the Uberkate range.

Oval Hoop Earrings

Uberbanner 4 - A flat engraved solid sterling silver necklace with 4 organically hand-hammered rows. 43mm top, 31mm second row, 22mm third row and 15mm bottom row. Each row varies in height between 5mm and 8mm. Includes sterling silver belcher chain which can be worn at 45 or 50cm.

Uberbanner 4

Uber bamboo bangle medium - Kate's NEW Bamboo circles are a twist on the Bamboo she has designed in the past. This bangle is made from solid sterling silver.

Uber bamboo bangle medium

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