Celebrating 17 Years of Uberkate


The old cliche that says "time goes fast when you are having fun" well it could not ring more true because.... 17 years. SEVENTEEN! It truly has gone by in the blink of an eye.


From that moment I hand crafted my very first piece of jewellery in my garage back in 2001, I just knew i had found my 'thing' in this world. All it took was a spark of joy, one glimmer of a dream and a deep love of family and two years later... Uberkate was born.


Back then, in 2003, there was no online selling and there was no personalised jewellery either. I am proud to say that I created the very first personalised circle necklace and my business began by me selling those pieces to friends and family all over the world to help them keep their loved ones close to their hearts.


Seventeen years on and the world is a very different place. The emergence of the digital era and e-commerce has been both a blessing and a burden for creatives, but the honour of creating personalised jewellery, well that is something I am so incredibly proud of. It is not something I choose to wave about when I see my original designs being recreated by others, yet it IS something that I take very personally and the privilege of creating heirloom pieces of jewellery for you and yours...that is something that I will humbly cherish forever.


Thank you for being a part of our family. Throughout my years in business I have made pieces of jewellery to commemorate your babies and grand babies being born, and during that time, you have witnessed the birth of my own family. Many of you know and love our Lulu who is soon to turn 18, and Cameron who is now 13 like they are a part of your own family. You have followed their stories as much as you have ours and you have cheered and supported us throughout it all and for that, Adam and I are so incredibly grateful.


My designs are always evolving and my mind is a sometimes exhausting hive of creativity that constantly fuels my thirst for original new designs. As much as I love bringing you the new, my heart holds a special place for the pieces from our past and so I could not think of a more fitting way to celebrate the past 17 years than by opening the doors to our archives and releasing for a limited time, some very special pieces from our past.


There will be new things in this celebratory month, oh you can count on that! But for the next week, we are all about celebrating our past, for without history, there is no future.


With so much love and gratitude, Kate xx