Introducing The Limited Edition Diamond Series by Uberkate

December 1, 2015

I am a lover of beautiful things, a dreamer and a creator.

I love diamonds and I love sapphires.

For years many of you have been asking me to add “bling” to our designs… and I have worked tirelessly with our stone cutters and jewellers to bring you a limited Edition Diamond Ubercircle just in time for Christmas.

It’s not for everyone.. there are 29 dazzling stones in the large Ubercircle, 23 magnificent stones in the medium one and no less than 18 stones in our small Ubercircle.

In fact there are more diamonds or sapphires in the small Ubercircle than in many engagement rings and each stone is hand selected and set right here in Australia to ensure the highest quality.

To say I’m excited about launching this Uberspecial design is an understatement! I feel like a child the night before Christmas waiting to open presents!

I do hope you love them as much as I do.

We have added to stones to our sterling silver and gold circles to allow everyone the chance to own one of our limited edition blinged up circles.

You can add one to your current set of small/ medium/ large Ubercircles or they are stunning on their own!

Present your wife with a pink Sapphire Ubercircle to celebrate your first Christmas with your baby girl, or maybe a blue sapphire one to welcome your baby boy into your family.

I’m so happy to share our Uberkate Diamond Series with you.

Kate xx