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For years many of you have been asking me to add “bling” to our designs… and I have worked tirelessly with our stone cutters and jewellers to bring you a limited Edition Diamond Ubercircle just in time for Christmas.
  • 1 min read
If you’ve always dreamed of a white wedding, consider getting hitched in winter. There’s something so magical about winter weddings, and the winter hues are the perfect backdrop for the frosty and gilded white wedding colour palette.
  • 1 min read
When it came to my own wedding I went into internal wedding hyperdrive. I was on maternity leave from channel 9 for 12 months, I had a new baby and I was at my creative best. My hubby to be told me to go for it and when I mean go for it, everything had to be handmade.
  • 2 min read