The Gemstone Adornment Collection

We have always been about personalisation... since our first Ubercircles in 2002 we’ve crafted jewellery that allows U to wear your life stories.

When I sat down to design some new ideas that have been bubbling away, two BIG ideas merged and I just knew I had to combine the two elements of our
brand that make us who we are to U.
I wanted to design a new pendant that could be worn on a bangle and on a chain and could carry secret engraving on the back and be worn next to your heart.
The ring was a more complicated idea.. combining engraving and gemstones and taking some inspiration from the ancient Egyptians and their Scarab Ring ... but infused with the Signature Uberkate look and feel and essence of personalisation.
You've seen some of our Adornments and the Foundation Bangle.... now say hello to the extended collection that also includes more gemstone Adornments for the Foundation Bangle,the Adornments Necklaces AND The Adornment Swivel Ring in Blue Zircon and Blush Quartz.

Our latest release, The Adornment Collection combines all three strands of our design DNA- Personalisation, unique timeless design and the power of gemstones into a range of Gemstone Adornment Necklaces, Swivel Rings and Bangle Adornments.

Mark a significant occasion by choosing dates, words or names to be engraved on the encased back of our solid sterling silver Gemstone Adornmentsand choose the gem to empower you throughout life.

I hope you love Adorning yourself.

xx Kate

View our new Gemstone Adornment Collection Here 

Gemstone Adornment Collection

Gemstone Adornment Collection

Gemstone Adornment Collection

Gemstone Adornment Collection