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Combination Uberovals 1 Sm, 1 Med, 1 Lrg Silver

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One of our first designs. 'I think there is a massive point of difference between people who love circles and people who love ovals. In my experience people who love ovals are creative, a little bit left of centre and the like their pieces to be less 'perfect,' says designer Kate Sutton.

To make the oval we use a traditional old steel mandrel that was discovered at a garage sale many years ago.

'Taking a circle and working it down the oval mandrel is such a rewarding experience, you slide the piece down and tap it a certain way, just enough, to open up the metal stretch it. It takes on a totally different life once it becomes an oval,' says Kate.

  • Three engraved solid sterling silver Uberovals.
  • One 2cm diameter oval
  • One 2.5cm diameter oval
  • One 3.5cm diameter oval
  • Includes 45cm silver curb chain and silver Uberclip.
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