Secret Tablet Gold Large

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Secret Tablet Gold Large

This stunning piece was lovingly shaped in the studio with a file and hand saw - traditional jewellery methods used for centuries. Staying true the her design ethic, Kate purposely worked the piece, hammering and texturing it into an imperfect circle. 'For me it had to be a unique piece and had to have that feeling of being organic when you rub it almost like a lucky coin,' says Kate.

The tablet was then hammered and textured. Kate wanted the wearer bond with the piece, to be able to hold it and rub it so it was almost like a thumb print. 

  • Solid 9ct yellow, white or rose gold - you choose
  • A comfortably flat disc 2.5cm in diameter
  • Space to personalise names on up to four lines
  • Or create your own memorable engraving with a special symbol or hand-written sentiment
  • Necklace includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain.

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