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Secret Tablet Silver Large
Secret Tablet Silver Large

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Secret Tablet Silver Large

This piece started out as flat, rectangular piece of silver but using traditional techniques including the jeweller's handsaw and file, it was worked in a circular, but not a perfect circle, shaped pendant. The tablet was then hammered and textured. Kate wanted the wearer bond with the piece, to be able to hold it and rub it so it was almost like a thumb print. 

'For me, it's a perfectly imperfect circle. It's part of my design philosophy.' says Kate. 'I didn't want a perfect disc that was cookie-cutter that you could just get from anywhere. It had to be a unique piece and had to have that feeling of being organic when you rub it almost like a lucky coin.'

  • A comfortably flat disc 2.5cm in diameter
  • Plenty of room to personalise names, one above the other.
  • Necklace includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain.

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