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Living Stones Bangle

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The latest addition to our Living Range - The Living Stones solid sterling silver bangle with the added power and bling of natural stones. Inspired by nature, the organically shaped handcrafted bangle is set with stunning handpicked gemstones.

Each individual bangle has a different mixture of stones. Please contact us after you purchase for photos to choose from. Please email

Citrine | Yellow: manifestation + abundance + prosperity

Garnet | Red: positivity + love

Peridot | Green: confidence + assertiveness + clarity

Smoky Quartz | Light Brown: serenity + stability + intuition 

Blue Topaz | Blue: creativity + public speaking + help writers block

Amethyst | Light Purple: healing + clarity + emotional flexibility 

Cubic Zirconia | White: for additional sparkle + bling

This bangle is one size fits most 19-23cm.

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