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A ring featuring a sterling silver small Ubercircle set onto a sterling silver 2mm flat band.

Back from the archives at the request of U.

CIRCA 2008


These beautiful sterling silver rings fuse your love of our original Ubercircle design with your love of rings and are handcrafted on site at The House of U in Sydney.

  • A single engraved sterling silver circle.
  • Circle is 2cm in diameter.
  • 2mm x 2mm flat band
  • Price includes engraving on the front of the circle.
  • Can be engraved with Uberkate Font on the tope of the Ubercircle.
  • Made to your specs onsite so please allow a week for delivery



Not satisfied with a small Ubercircle as a necklace, Kate played around with the idea of an Ubercircle ring with a name engraved - something to remind her of her loved ones during everyday events like cooking or typing.

The product was discontinued in 2015 but in 2020 one of our VIP members was so keen on getting one that she gathered a handful of likeminded Uberkate fans and petitioned us to bring it back. We thank her for that.



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