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Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring
Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring
Everyday Gemstone Ring Rose Quartz Duet
Rose Quartz Gemstone Ring

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Everyday Gemstone Ring Rose Quartz Duet

While some stones give you a sense of calm or serenity, we are excited to say the Rose Quartz is all about joy and romance! Slip on this ring and open your heart to the possibilities! The Rose Quartz is also known for its healing qualities.

Rose Quartz by nature can vary from batch to batch with some cut gemstones possessing a gorgeous creamy cloudy quality and others a more clear crystal appearance. Please tell us in the comments of your order which you would prefer and we will do our best to accomodate your requests. 

The stones are set in our unique double tri-bezel made from solid sterling silver.

Did you know our Everyday Cocktail collection rings stack? 

The Duets Ring is slightly adjustable and comes in three size ranges;

Small fits size I - M

Medium fits size N - R

Large fits size S - U

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