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Cocktail Rings

Born in 1920’s America, the Cocktail Ring is a bold statement, part rebellion, and part status symbol.

Oversized Gemstone rings were bought and worn by the new independent women of the time as women entered the workforce and earned their own money and were no longer dependent on fathers or husbands.

Worn on the right hand, the Cocktail ring sends a message to the world that it isn’t the message of an engagement ring, but more one that the wearer has purchased this incredible ring with her own money.

Part status symbol, part beauty, part power, part empowerment, part alchemy, we handcraft these jewels from natural gemstones and they are hand cut by our craftspeople with up to 40 hand cut and hand polished facets on each stone.

We craft in small batches and often the size or gemstone you dream of may be out of stock but rest assured we are busy sourcing it from somewhere incredible.

We endeavour to make for you non disposable pieces that have a story and a true energy about them. Our gems are forged in earth wind and fire... and we make rings you will want to wear for life before passing on to your daughters and granddaughters and they will remember and cherish the gems you wore on your fingers. Whilst we are not sorry for taking the time to make beautiful, heirloom jewellery, we are sorry that we may not be able to meet your immediate needs.

Please call us if you are desperate for something or email us to go on the waitlist if a particular stone or size is out of stock.

We are a family business, our life's work is to create precious jewels that will empower you and enrich your life.