I have fallen in love with our Everyday Cocktail collection. The way the stones are hand cut, the three prong bezel holding them high and proud (had to be an odd number!) the meanings behind each stone for the wearer. I love unique stones and we have really stepped it up with the Larimar stone which can only be found in the Domincan Republic. It's like wearing a little piece of the ocean..  Oh and we recently discovered you can stack the rings, two looks incredible when you mix and match the stones...


For a truly heart stopping, emotionally connecting piece of jewellery you can't go past our award winning 'Your Script.' It takes personalisation to the next level. Your own handwriting, or that of a loved one in gold and silver exactly as it's written. And, it all began with this piece... a gift to me, sneakily made by my husband behind my back and delivered for our wedding anniversary. It's a line from a proposal song that he wrote and performed to me in a restaurant in Byron Bay - thankfully I said yes!


One of my first every deisgns and 15 years later this piece is still being made and loved by us. It allows the wearer to engrave on the front and back.. We gave one to my mum in gold for her 60th birthday and it has her three children on the front and since then we have added her six grandchildren to the other side! It's a piece that is timeless, organic and evolving. And with our FREE LIFETIME ENGRAVING it can keep coming back at no charge to have those grandbabies added! 


This new range is innovation with a tiny thread that opens to allow the wearer to change/ add new symbols to fine jewellery. My first collaboration with my 14 year old daughter Lulu, it's been a labour of love for us! It started with the chain as I am tired of not being able to change my finer jewellery.. there had to to be a way to be able to take pendants on and off and still make the chain secure and beautiful.. it took two years in production but we did it! There are also gorgeous finer pieces that can be engraved in this new line.. See the Uberbar and Ubercircles Fine...