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Everyday Gemstone Ring Rutilated Quartz - Limited Edition

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Rutilated Quartz is a gorgeous stone believed to be graced by the golden locks of angels, and is an effective antidepressant because it heals emotional wounds, clearing the way to a spiritual awakening and is one of the Modern Birthstones for April.

Each stone cut is unique and one-of-a-kind

A single solid sterling silver ring with hand-set tri-bezel. 

We can create 'in-between' ring sizes for you but please note this requires a ring revisiting our workshop to be upsized by one of our jewellers and may take up to a week. If you would like a ring resized to a size we don't currently list, please order the size below the size you require (i.e. if you would like a Q 1/2 or an R - please order a size Q) and write in the comments of your order the size that you require. Please note we cannot size down as it will compromise the setting of our gemstones.

Please note - this is a small batch release and limited numbers of each size are available.

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