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Rose Gold Gempower Stacker Ring - Blue Zircon- PRE ORDER

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Gempower Stacker rings - a petite version of our Everyday Gemstone rings for those who like their bling a little more subtle.

The more than 1 Carat, 8mm x 8mm gemstones are set in our unique double tri-bezel made from solid rose gold and are designed to stack together for maximum bling. They can also be stacked with our Everyday Gemstone Rings and our Duet Rings.

Please note that unlike the Everyday Gemstone with the open space behind the stone, these rings are a firmer fit. Please take that into account when choosing sizing.

Blue Zirconhas been said to purify dark energy and has been used as a talisman for travelling or for protection from evil in ancient times. When you feel trapped or surrounded by negative energy, use the healing power of Blue Zircon to cleanse your energy.

note: Zircon is heat treated to achieve this stunning colour.

Please allow 5 to 6 weeks delivery for online orders of these rings as the gemstones will be set as ordered.

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