Uberovals Large X 1 Ring

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Are you a creative person or a little left of centre? Perhaps a circle is just too perfect for you? Then our Uberovals might be just the piece.

'I think there is a massive point of difference between people who love circles and people who love ovals,' says designer Kate Sutton.

With this in mind, Kate grabbed an Ubercircle and headed to the workshop.

'I used a traditional old steel mandrel that was discovered at a garage sale many years ago. Taking a circle and working it down the oval mandrel is such a rewarding experience, you slide the piece down and tap it a certain way, just enough, to open up the metal stretch it. It takes on a totally different life once it becomes an oval,' says designer Kate Sutton.

  • One engraved solid sterling silver Uberoval
  • 3.5cm x 3cm
  • Includes 45cm silver curb chain
  • Includes engraving