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Infinity Pendant (extra Large)

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A unique figure of eight pendant made from one continuous piece of sterling silver. What's interesting about this piece is it was born from one of the biggest mistakes jewellery designer Kate made. One Christmas, Kate hired another jeweller to help make some extra ubercircles, but he made the circles way too big. 'I had 200 hundred of these ginormous circles sitting in a box taunting me,' says Kate. Fortunately Kate's creative mind took over and during the next six months she started twisting and turning the metal until she was happy with an infinity design with the loop in just the right spot.

  • Solid sterling silver
  • Each piece is hand-twisted making it truly one-of-a-kind 
  • Measures approximately 37mm wide by 42mm high
  • Includes 45cm sterling silver curb chain.
  • Engraving available 
  • We cannot add engraving to this piece once completed

(please note, our infinity designs are all engraved then hand twisted. This is an organic, fluid design and often engraving will be slightly off centre)

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